Monday, 9 April 2012

SSparkle Glam Feature Ad: Eternity Loft

I haven't been buying any new clothes since before CNY (since last December to be exact), so I was really really pleased when this came in the mail:

Thank you Eternity Loft!!! <3<3<3

 Needless to say, I couldn't wait to "enjoy" them. What's a girl without her pretty clothes, right?

 Emma Tube Top in Royal Purple, Size M. I felt that the tube top was a tad big for me, so I would recommend Size S to girls if you are a size 34 top.

Skirt's my own. 

 Love the sleek material of the top!

Comes in black as well!
Available in this collection.

 Alexander McQueen Inspired Pleated Dress in Jewel Blue.
Love the flowy material~

 You can always dress it up in a belt of your choice for a different look. =)

Available in this collection.

V-Neck Pocket Top. For those weekend leisurely outings~

Love the collar detail. As if there's another piece!
Tuck it in and put on a skirt! Voila! You can also wear this for work!!!

These 2 pieces come from their Summer Staples Collection

 Vivi-Inspired Cargo Skirt. In Black.

 Nah, show you my backside. Lol~ Eh not bad right? This skirt gives the illusion of a nice ass.

When actually I don't really have much. =P 
Love the stretchy material and the fact that it doesn't crease. =)

Next up: The Cross Halter Drape Dress!

Very flattering cut, with wraps all in the right places to hide the tummy and the side bulges.
This one's in Jewel Blue.

You can wear it a different way if you prefer, like how I did:

Yup! This was the dress I wore to Dblchin Clara's Hen Night!
In Royal Purple. You can find this piece here.

And here comes my favorite!!!! First time I saw it I told myself I HAD to get this: The Keira High Collar Dress in Yellow Mustard! From this collection.

They come up with new collections pretty quickly, so go on, start shopping at Eternity Loft now~ ^.^

Pssst~ Quote "Silver" at checkout to receive $1.50 off your purchase!
Offer valid only until 16 April, so hurry!


  1. Pretty! U have space for all that?? haha


  2. damn it! i thought i'd be the only one commenting you're so darn pretty. could look at that face all day, with or without makeup.