Wednesday, 11 April 2012

You Mediacorp Actress Ah?

I'm not saying that the association is a bad thing. But for the record, and I'm saying this the 234546234146th time - not all artistes are "Mediacorp artistes".

For some reason, I get really annoyed when people refer to me as "MediaCorp actress", as if the word actress/artiste alone doesn't exist. It's synonymous with for example if you introduce yourself as a gynecologist and people come up and say "Orh! You KK hospital help people give birth one ah!?"

*peng, legs swinging in the air*

Not all gynaes come from KK, though yes, most babies are delivered there. Were, in my time, at least. I was an Alexandra Hospital baby, by the way.

But do you get what I'm saying?

It's like being credited wrongly. Like if the main character is Natalie Portman and then some kuku writes the credits as Natalie Partman, or worse, Kristen Bell - wrong person altogether. Wrong credits, of course not happy la right? Like saying Singapore is part of China when Singapore is just Singapore, you know? Okay that's a bit too far-fetched but I'm sure my readers can get my drift.


MediaCorp is a TV Station. They have a production department, marketing department, finance, yada yada...and then they also have an Artiste Management Unit which manages their artistes (i.e. artistes they signed contracts with).

Then there are the external non-MediaCorp production houses. These production houses produce TV shows, amongst many other films. And since we have only one TV Station with 6 channels in Singapore (excluding the Starhub Cable TV and Mio channels), these production houses air their programs on MediaCorp Channels (which reach out to majority of the local viewers).

It's a little like outsourcing, where MediaCorp outsource TV program production to the production houses, and at the end of the day, the shows are aired on either Channel 5, 8, U, Suria, Vasantham, or Okto. Something like that. Easier to understand?

Next, I mentioned they have an AMU (Artiste Management Unit), right? That is a department by itself altogether. Just like Fly Entertainment, they manage artistes, package them if necessary, and set and control their market value. Oh by the way, FLY Entertainment has their own events management unit, so they don't just manage artistes, like how MediaCorp don't just do TV shows.

Are you further confused?

Let me walk you through my main point:

My name is Silver, and I have absolutely no idea how to introduce myself because I am not just an actress or a blogger or a host or a artiste or a business owner or anything else which I am going to do in the near future, but for easy reference I shall just say that I am an artiste.

Now, this is when people IMMEDIATELY make the connection to MediaCorp and go "Oh you work in MediaCorp ah?"

No. Doesn't work that way. I don't work in MediaCorp. Well, sometimes I do work IN MediaCorp if they engage me to do a show, but I don't work FOR MediaCorp as a contracted employee or artiste, if you get what I mean. I'm a Freelance Artiste. I have my own manager who deals with the negotiations for me, but I'm not a MediaCorp artiste.

So how does that work? Meaning, should any production house or any event company require my acting/hosting/singing/performing services, they come direct to either me or my manager. They don't go through MediaCorp. That's all.

I'm not against being a MediaCorp artiste okay? In case you get me wrong and misunderstand and then misinterpret and say that I talk about being a MediaCorp Artiste as if it's a bad thing. It's not. It's just an identity thing. I'm not means I'm not la~ Not "Eeeeyer why you say I MediaCorp Artiste???". Not like that okay. If I'm ever invited to sign a contract with them I would be honored yah? Eh people want to sign contract with you means they see value in working with you. People don't just sign papers for fun. Before you marry someone and sign those ROM papers you think long and hard, right?

Don't quote me for anything you misinterpreted yah? Worse - don't quote me and quote wrongly and later land me in trouble I don't even understand. I just want to enjoy my passion and my work, in peace, if not, jubilance. Can?



  1. ah good, it's exactly what i've been trying to tell ppl. :)

  2. yeah... just like Rui En, Jeanette Aw, Christopher Lee, Fann Wong, they r currently not artiste under Mediacorp AMU, which both RuiEn and Jeanette are under Artiste Networks (Hype Records), and Chris is under Taiwan's Catwalk Agency as well as his wife Fann Wong.