Sunday, 18 November 2012

bimba & lola Voyage Collection: Love Doggies?

bimba & lola recently launched their Voyage Collection, and I was a lucky girl to be there to witness it all before the official launch.

A story of 8 creative and stylish canine stars coming together from all over the world to celebrate the premiere of the Voyage Collection right here in Singapore. I loved the little video of their trip.

Featuring Vera & Elisa, playful & friendly twins based in Dubai working as copywriters in an advertising agency; Valentina, a fashion PR living in Bogota who is sensual, vain and has a love for fashion accessories; Ruth lives in Singapore, she has an impulsive, rebellious nature and is an illustrator who is passionate about music, concerts, and comics; SofĂ­a lives in Paris where she owns an art gallerythen there is Frida, the sweet and adventurous nature-loving photographer who lives in Mexico and is especially fond of the seas and the mountains; Olivia the dreamy, dynamic and melancholic scriptwriter in Madrid; & sophisticated party girl fashion stylist Rebecca from London.

See if you can spot all of them in the video. ;)

bimba & lola is a Spanish brand and I thought it represents young, contemporary, stylish women who's just that little bit carefree. I especially love their little accessories and trinkets. Having turned 7 this year,  they're launching their year-end festive Voyage Collection in our charming little city. The dog motif is symbolic of the brand, and I thought it was cute that they came up with a whole family of cute and quirky dogs so there is something for everyone this Christmas. 

iPad sleeve. I'm not really sure but I believe that is Ruth. =)

Cute vanity pouches which could double up as a cute pencil case. 

I thought this umbrella was adorable!!! 

USB key rings

They have sophisticated bags good to bring to work. I'm suckers for cream and beige items, so even though this piece is simple, I kinda like it.

My favourite items in the WHOLE store? From the Voyage Collection, it was the super colourful Voyage scarf featuring all the doggies in a cute pink little bimba & lola dust bag...

Spot the extra dog. Lol!

 And from the store itself, these beautiful key rings had my heart itching so bad...

Mad love this one. May I have this for Christmas, anyone? ^.^

bimba & lola
ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
# B1-04
Singapore 238801

Tel: 6509 3305

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