Wednesday, 28 November 2012

C.L.I.F 2

#C.L.I.F 2 has been really interesting to shoot, and I got to meddle with cool stuff like learn how to test for blood stains, do fingerprint dusting, see lots of (fake but looked super realistic) dead bodies, and work with the coolest actors and actresses in Mediacorp. Think Rui En, Li Nan Xing, Joanne Peh...and actual members of the Singapore Police Force, like this pretty CID officer. (SPF got chio bu one okay~~~)

Here are some other shots courtesy of SPF's Facebook Page:

General scene of crime. Gloves and masks were worn to prevent contamination as FMB members have to get up close with any possible evidence.

FMB member identifying evidence.

Taking close-up shots of the evidence.

I got to benefit from dedicated fans who came to support their idols...

 So sweet!!! It's because of supporters like you guys that makes your idols feel that all they have done for their work was worth it. =)

I wonder how much stuff Rui En, or even people like Jolin/2NE1/Justin Bieber have at home. Lol~ 

Update when I have more pictures! ;)

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