Saturday, 17 November 2012

Grabbing Opportunities

If there is one thing I learnt this year, it is that being grateful and happy brings you more to be grateful and happy about. I'm not stealing a line from "The Secret", but truly verifying that it cannot be more true.

A change in attitude towards relationships and declaring what I want in a man, he appears.

Then I was all loved and being loving and I had the opportunity to go to Shanghai to network and stay with him for a couple of months (it just so happened that I had no projects during that period. How odd huh?)

I met some really great people in entertainment then when I was in Shanghai I got a call from Mediacorp regarding a potentially supporting role with more scenes I have ever done in any show other than Vyjayanthi. The role isn't a huge one, but it means a lot to be, considering I've not been doing any tv since March. A 6-month hiatus is a long time~ (I even joked with the casting people that I thought they had forgotten me.)

Then I didn't feel anything and, call it coincidence, but nothing much happened during October for me, work-wise, other than seeing my face everywhere on buses, taxis, SMRT trains, and some magazines and papers... 

Featured as one of the 10 exclusive bloggers for Skinhub's Modelling Campaign.

Recorded a song for Run for Hope happening this weekend.

 Went to Bintan...

And attended a whole bunch of Halloween events, and quite a number of other events I have yet to tell you about. =)

Featured as an ambassador for FDP Prestige Hair Care.

Okay actually I take the "nothing much happened" back. Quite a bit happened. Lol. I meant I didn't do any actual jobs when I talked about nothing much happening. The campaigns were shot earlier when I had more zest (and most of these campaigns were discussed at about the same period in September! October I was pretty laid back (some call it nua), and I was pretty blah even when I went for C.L.I.F 2 shoots. Then it all changed this month.

I picked up "The Power" when my darling was in town early November and we were queuing outside Dynasty Paradise for dinner (queue was soooooo long but definitely worth the wait) and I got bored and went to Prologue and picked up "The Power" and "The Magic". I started reading it a week ago and got all positive and thankful and decided that being happy is the way to go, and this week alone I got so many calls for so many different projects it was mind-blowing.

First I got a kids drama role for Oak3 films. It's my first project with them even though I've heard of them since 3 years ago so I was kinda excited about finally working with the production house.

THEN a day later, another big production house called me regarding an episodic role which I thought was quite meaningful.

Call it being on a roll if you might, but on my first day of shoot I received another call, this time from Mediacorp, regarding a new TV series that they are going to produce. I thought this role they're offering is a pretty interesting and colorful one, plus I'm playing the bad girl, so that indicates it might be a lot of fun. ;)

2 days ago while having dinner with an ex-colleague, I got an sms saying I got cast for a print ad shoot for a major company we were just talking over dinner about. Lol.

I got another call today, though details have yet to be revealed due to possible schedule clashes.

But if it all pulls through and all the projects are somehow able to fit into my schedule without overlapping, it's a total of 5 job offers and 3 confirmed ones in a week! I'm still trying to digest it all because if it's really just a change in attitude and perspective towards things in life that brought about all these opportunities, then I'm keeping this newfound positivity for good. Hey, even the boyfriend has been really sweet, so I'm sure this has something to do with my change in my mental magnetic field that I sent out to the Universe. I think I still have quite a number of things I want that I can ask for. And I know it will come, is coming. ;)

The Power of the mind, attitude and your feelings. Something for you to ponder about, and maybe try...

For now, for all the good things happening to me, I'm gonna take them all, and be grateful and all enthusiastic and happy about them. Too much work? Who's complaining? Bring them on! ^.^

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