Sunday, 18 November 2012

Have You Not Been Riding Your Bike?

Then it's time to send it in for servicing. If you can even manage to ride it all the way to the workshop without the bike dying on you. 

I went away to China for a couple of months some time ago, and of course no one rode it for me during this period. So when I came back, I gamely suggested to a good friend that we should ride into JB for a night of abalone noodles and cheap petrol. 

The ride out of the carpark all the way through the first 400 metres were fine, then it started doing strange things...

The bike engine kept dying in the middle of the road. Like, the bike could be moving at full speed, then one gear down for slowing the bike down could put the whole bike to engine off mode. It was damn scary. Imagine being in JB and having the bike die throughout the night. We went in at 2am, and I think we only managed to come out at 8am cos we tried to find a workshop that was open 24 hours and took wrong turns and then when we were finally done (with the bike not fixed) we were caught in the morning customs jam. >.<

So needless to say I dared not ride it since. And called my workshop guys to come tow the bike (I wasn't going to ride it to the workshop myself!). They asked me what happened and I told them it kept dying when I ride it.

I went to collect my bike today and they said it could be a battery problem since my last battery change was about a year ago (but I really doubted it), and I got them to change my engine oil. So yay! I was all excited to ride it back home despite the fact that it was raining (that's how much I enjoy riding - I feel, and I started the bike and put it to first gear. It died on me 2 seconds later, and I couldn't start it again. -.-"


Thank goodness the guys were still there. The only thing was I went at their closing time so they couldn't fix it on the spot for me. I told them I went overseas for 2 months and didn't ride it and THEN they understood. (??????)

By now I was like wtf I already told them I didn't know why the bike kept dying on me and I thought they were supposed to help me find out and not just assume that it was just the battery. Sorry for my incoherent grammar as I was really a little "pffffttt" by then. My workshop is HKL in Alexandra Village and missy here stays all the way up north in Woodlands. Blah~ It's an hour by train and a good $20 by cab. HELLO~~~~ You tell me you dulan or not? 

*calms myself down and flings hair cooly*

"So...why like that huh?"

"Orh, too long never ride. The inside oil all dirty already. You should tell us then we can open up everything and clean up the engine for you."

How the hell would I know right? 

Before you roll your eyes at me and say "Wah lao eh lady rider jiu shi lady rider...", I have to declare one thing - this wasn't taught in riding school, and come on! Which functional rider would know about all these unless it has happened to them before??????

Like I only knew that you have to start the bike for like 5-10 minutes every few days if you're not riding it or you're gonna end up with a dead battery after 2 weeks AFTER it happened to me multiple times. And that bike batteries CAN die eventually so you have to change them once a year. And chains need to be lubricated or they might loosen, rust, or snap. (Yes my bike chain has actually snapped on me Lol~)

So to all you riders out there who have not been riding your bike for a while and are having trouble starting it, have it towed to the workshop and tell them that you have not been riding your bike for a long time so please clean the engine and whatever it is they have to do to get it working safely again for you.

One of the guys was kind enough to offer me a ride home on his bike as he claimed he was staying in the north as well. (Okay la I did ask if anyone wanted to offer to send me home because it's really inconvenient to get from Alexandra Village to Woodlands.) So for that I was appeased. Lol. At least I didn't have to make my way home empty-handed in the rain. Thank you Ah Yap gor!

See you my R15. Next week! Then I can ride you again. Mmmm~~~~

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  1. Carburettor needle is clogged. What happens is after 2 weeks of not riding, the petrol in the carburettor float bowl will eventually cause the fuel inside the needle to harden. Happen to my Honda Shadow before when I was in HK for 1 year looking for job and my friend did NOT ride my bike when I was away! The only way to prevent this from happening is to drain the carburettor float bowl.