Saturday, 31 July 2010

SMU City Trail 2010

You guys up for doing something really healthy on a Sunday? How about if it's doing something for charity as well? ;)

SMU has organized this event called the SMU City Trail 2010, which is a walk/run activity organised to raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore). Held along the Singapore River, the run will cater to 3 main categories - 15km Individual Competition, 3 Hour Corporate Team Challenge and Leisure. The following slots have been closed though- 0820hrs and 0840hrs for 15km competitive, and all the leisure slots, except for 0950hrs to 1050hrs. Meaning you can still sign up for the later 15km competitive slots, as well as the 0950-1050 leisure slot~

 The parts coloured dark blue is the route, with the 2 pink and orange flags being the start/end point.

Bo liao go and eng eng exercise with your family/bf/gf/dog/friends lah~ Along Singapore River leh, different from your neighbourhood scenery. For those who already do regular Sunday exercises, might as well go for this one. There are prizes to be won leh! For the Leisure category, the top prize for the person who has covered the longest distance in 2 hours will win a Hippo Shroom-i In-Ear-Moniter worth $99, as well as a pair of Zouk entry passes worth $60~ AND for the 15km competitive, there are gym memberships to be won as well.

Registering is not expensive, $16 for the Leisure category, and $18 for the 15km Competitive. If you want to sign up for the Corporate Team Challenge, it's $125 per team. Companies who sign up for this will receive a tax exemption for each team they send, as theregistration fee will be considered as donations to MDAS.

Actually for those who really gian free stuff, you'll get a T-shirt and goodie bag just for signing up~ ALL proceeds go to the Muscular Dystrophy Association so you'll be doing a good deed. Many of these kids can't walk, let alone run, and the adults? They probably have never even known what it's like to be on their feet. So what's a little running and sweating a little out for them, really? We're really blessed to be healthy and able-bodied, you know?

Still considering? Just go la~ It's a good excuse to exercise and lose those calories you've been overeating. And do something useful.
Go check out their website and REGISTER now!!!


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