Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sponsored Post: Outdo the Everyday

You guys should know by now that I have a schedule that’s a little crazy to most people, and no one except myself really knows when and where to find me, if I’m blogging, vlogging, acting, overseas, or not, am I actually reachable.

More importantly, can I actually manage?

Are you kidding? You’re not seriously asking that.

Of course I can manage! I actually love being so busy! Because I’m doing everything that I love! From my acting craft to writing to travelling, I’ll never feel worn out doing things I enjoy!

(My work includes ogling at my favourite people…why would I complain?)

Plus, it shows that people (like you who bother coming in here!!!!) appreciate my value! And I can never thank everyone enough for that. What I have, you gave them to me, for without supporters, a blogger, or an artiste, is nothing.

Oh man I’m gonna cry… *get a hold of yourself Silver!*

It’s tough when no one engages my services, because that means I will have to eat grass. And maybe lose weight along the way which, if you look at it positively, isn’t such a bad thing. Of course if I have a choice I’d rather be busy! It gets tough too when I’m busy, because projects overlap and I will take on ALMOST EVERYTHING and that means I’d be left with no time to do my own things. There are days when I have to get up at 6 in the morning, be at shoot by 7am, finish at 6pm, have to head for an event at 7pm and STILL have to go back and conjure brain juice so I can submit a piece of writing before morning.


I get up early for an event, have to meet a client by 1pm, promised a sponsor to meet at 4:30, attend my Real Estate Salesperson class at 7pm (Yes I’m gonna sell houses soon! One more to add to my plate of titles~!), rush home so I can get to the airport to check in for a flight which will depart at 1am.

Maximum use of time.

*just reading those lines makes me pant already* I literally try my best to outdo my everyday, every single day. And I think I’ve been doing well so far. =D

So when an off day comes, I GRAB IT SO HARD, if it had eyes its eyes will be squished out like those stress balls. And when I recharge, I make sure every aspect of my life is taken care of – my family, Alton (my dog), my friends, myself in terms of health and beauty…I really make sure I neglect no one part of my life.

Family shall never be compromised. No matter what. Just because they are always there doesn’t mean you should always assume they will be. My family watched me become me. And they are the ones who would always always always take care of me. No matter what. Give them a bit of yourself too.

Same goes for your pet. You mean the world to it. Let it know you love it too.

Friends. Ah~ Friends. Like family, but yet not. They are just as important, though they serve a slightly different role. A vital part of your life, and unless you are a hermit with no friends, I recommend that you show them you’re here for them as much as they are for you.

Take care of yourself. I cannot stress that more. If you can’t function, you will not be able to take care of any other aspect of your life. Work included. Which may then affect finances. And you really need to be healthy to be able to enjoy life in all its entity. Oh, did you know something as simple as having your nails done, or a new haircut, can cause a major uplift in your mood and spirit? ;)

Recharging lets you go so much further. Much like drinking an isotonic drink to recharge your body and replenish all it has lost, isn’t it? I remember when I used to run those Cross Country Marathons back in secondary school, my favourite after-run drink would be 100PLUS. It’s sweet yet not TOO sugary, and especially when served chilled, it’s so uber refreshing that after a can I would always feel reborn.

Although I thank my lucky stars my days of running cross country marathons are over. Dancing is more my thing now. Which also gives me the same excuse to drink 100PLUS. ;)

My favourite isotonic drink is having a contest!!!!!

Simply upload a 15-60second video of yourself outdoing the everyday, and you stand a chance to win an OUTDO YOURSELF OZ Adrenaline trip for 2 worth $10,000, and your video might just be featured in 100PLUS’ TV ad!!!!!!

Read more about the trip here, and upload your video here!

Too much work? How about just voting? You can do that, I’m sure! Vote for your favourite video here and 10 lucky voters will receive an Outdo the Everyday kit worth $50!

P.S. I submitted a video too! If it’s not too much work, view my video and vote for me! Thank you so much in advance!

Better yet, upload your own videos, and we help vote each other in! Good? ^.^

Contest period is until 31 May 2012. So hurry!!!! Outdo Yourself!


  1. hey Silvy,

    I've just finished watching an episode of "Yours Faithfully"'s been a long while since I last seen you on TV. Somehow inspired to visit your blog at this time... think about it, you were my first "crush" that I had for a TV idol...lolx. I am not really your hardcore fan but liked your were actually so cute back then ;)

    I saw that you are taking your RES course too! Well, I have just had mine...fortunately passed in just one seating. It's tough...especially Paper 1. I've recently found a very modest and aspiring mentor and I'm on my way to learning the ropes from him.

    I would actually like to invite you to join this venture with we could understudy together! lolx. I mean, only if opportunity arises then...

    If you like to know more, just let me know bah.

    All the best for RES exams...(hugs)


    1. Hello! Am waiting eagerly for my results. Am a little anxious but I have my fingers crossed! Which company are you with now? =)

  2. Omg I have a king Charles cavalier too!! Aren't they just the best?