Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Zardoze @ Audi Fashion Festival 2013

I got invited to my very first Audi Fashion Fest show. It was by Zardoze, and I must say, it was simply a night of glitz and a lot of glamour.

See that car? I can't take my eyes off it. Beautiful~~~

Fann Wong, proudly adorned in a glamourous Zardoze number.

I have always been curious about Fashion Shows, who goes there, what goes on? Why do so many beautiful people attend them?

I saw so many faces - Rui En, Fann Wong, Nicole Chen, Shu Ann, Dick Lee, Yao Dong, and these were just a few names. Everyone was dressed in such formal dressy outfits that I actually, for once, felt underdressed. Don't get me wrong, I was wearing Zardoze, and with their pieces, even the simplest ones can make you feel like a VIP. I just felt out of place because I wasn't used to such an environment. I've been out by the beach in bikinis, or slacking at home in my PJs so much that it was really bewildering at the event. Lol.

Spotted: seated right in front of me were 2 ladies sponsored by Zardoze - Rui En and Fann Wong. Dressed in such elegant pieces, they make up part of my eye candies for the night. 

Some of my favourites from the runway:

From the ready-to-wear collection -

And the Panthea Collection. This collection looks absolutely amazing, and I kind of wished I had such events to attend every other day so I get to wear beautiful outfits like these more often. 

This is one of my favorites, though I couldn't get a good frontal picture. Love love love this dress.

My date for the night - Clara. 

I'm really bad at modeling (it's really a skill I have yet to learn), but I want to show you a full picture of what I wore that night - a velvet blue piece from Zardoze's ready-to-wear Holiday Collection. Yes Zardoze is not just about glamourous extravagant pieces. They have items which allow you to wear them on the everyday streets. 

The picture didn't really do the dress justice, but take my word for it - this piece looks so much better in reality. The beads and the velvet...plush.

More pictures better showcasing the pieces from their new Panthea Collection:

This was what Dawn wore that night. What can I say?

So fabulous. 

For the woman who's not afraid to be confident, check out Zardoze's range of outfits at Zardoze.com.
Or you may want to look up their Facebook page at facebook.com/zardoze

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