Monday, 28 March 2011

Hello Diary~

I feel like I haven't really blogged in such a long time, and I'm not proud of it. I used to blog like, almost daily, sometimes even twice a day~ These days I'm finding myself guilty of neglecting this blog I call my inner sanctuary. It's a place I come to vent, to be happy, to record life's greatest moments. And I haven't been visiting my inner sanctuary as much as I would have loved to, for months. Today, I start anew.

So many things have happened this past few months that I really feel blessed. Yes you have seen countless posts of me giving thanks to all of you and all those who have made me, me, but today's post shall be slightly different. I want to be myself today, the Silver Ang that I know from inside.

Have been emotionally upped and thrown down the past few days. I guess with great achievement comes great setbacks along the way too. Vyjayanthi has really made me proud. It was something I never thought I would be given an opportunity to do, but I have been. My business venture is still underway, so fret not, you guys will see it very soon. I'll handle the stress. I will. =)

I've met a really eccentric 'big brother' lately, and I have to "thank" him for all the things that he has done, or may be doing for me in the future. As mentioned, he's a bit eccentric, and though I'm open to all kinds of people, I have my own tolerance levels for eccentricity. And more than once he has crossed the line and made me go into near depression. But never mind, I will settle that soon. And soon everyone can rejoice. Thanks to "Joel" (remember him from some posts long ago?) I am still sane and loved. I am grateful. No one is perfect, and I thank my blessings that he is trying to be the best he can for me. =D

Anyway, enough insight. I want to talk trivia now. For starters, I woke up lao-sai-ing. Kns. Foreseen though, cos I had Level 5 Hotness Buffalo Wings at Buckaroo yesterday. (Buckaroo is at Sembawang Park, Andrews Ave). Really comparable to the seletar one, and it's easier to get to Sembawang Park than seletar airbase for me. My sis wanted to try it. Have only tried Level 2, and jumped to Level 5. Total regret. It's just spicy-hot. Not like sibeh-nice hot. So unless you haven't pang sai for the past week and you need to clear, go take Level 5. If you want to lao sai for a week, take Level 10, if you can stand swollen lips and a painful tongue for at least 1 hour.

Sis, if you are reading this, next time we take Level 3 okay? I scared. Lol.

Alton hasn't ben getting enough coverage on my blog lately too so here's a shot~

He's started having this habit of sleeping in between my chair and the boxes uner my desk. And it annoys me cos I have to watch where I step and I can't roll my chair around in case I kena his leg/tail/fur.

Then my fish. Remember I bought Magic Fish like a month ago? Haven't grow leh. Dunno if it's because I kept shaking the tank due to some cloudy growth at the top layer which looked like dust. Maybe that was for the fish to grow and I cleared it. But I shall wait for another 2 weeks. Don't have I go buy new one and try.

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

WAH I STILL REMEMBER MY PETS COURSEBOOK CONTENT!!!! (For the kids reading this now, I think they renamed your primary school English textbook to STEP.)

I did a photoshoot/interview with Manja Magazine a few days back, and you should be able to see me in May's issue (Don't ask me why I seem to be getting more coverage amongst other races and their productions/publications. I don't have an answer either.)

Shooting at Little India. 
See the garland on my right? That's your left. Yah. There were freaking MANY bees in that flower! And I had to meddle with it. I escaped unscathed, thank god. The dress is proudly sponsored by The Design Closet. (their new collection launches tomorrow!) More on that another time. ;) Blue is my lucky colour~ And since this year's fengshui lacks water, I've been wearing blues and blacks a lot.

Saturday I was at Shu Uemura (Taka counter) for the launch party of their Mika Ninagawa collection. Here's a sneak peek at me that day~

Wait for the Shu post sometime this week!

Oh, last 2 episodes of Vyjayanthi this week. Must watch ah~ ;)

OXOXOX (Love my zodiac sign cannot ah?)


  1. hey dear! casabelle here..i texted u but no reply..anyway just wondering did u recommend a reader skinny bitch this book or is i see from other blog..haha coz i forgot is it through wanna confirm with memory failing!

  2. Sorry! Check your phone inbox tonight! That phone is flat! LOL~ Yes I rec that book. Really good!

  3. Hey Silver! Are you back with Joel again? :) And anyway, is his real name really Joel? Just curious! Thank you!

  4. No his real name is not Joel. =) It's Nicholas, Nicholas Chew.