Sunday, 27 March 2011

Click for Charity!!!!

You know that new version of "Home" originally sung by Kit Chan? Yah the new one is done by 39 local artistes, including my 偶像Stef Sun and a few friends like JJ and Jiaming 老师. Not sure if you know there's a charity fund-raising thing going on, but I'm gonna make a shoutout here anyway okay?

For each person who downloads the "Home" music video from, Nexus’ partner organisations will donate $1 to the Community Chest (ComChest)! You can download the music video as many times as you wish. But the campaign only runs from 15Feb to 31Mar'11. 

Who are Nexus' partners?

  • Aurigin Technology
  • Singapore Pools
  • Tote Board
  • Singapore Turf Club
  • Lee Foundation
  • SembCorp
( Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club leh...never win their money use their money for charity I also happy lor~)

Nexus hopes to raise $300,000 for two ComChest causes ("Dignifying the Lives of the Elderly" & "Keeping Families Together") through this effort, and they are about 20,000 clicks away from the target~ Help help!!! I don't know about you, but anything that is for a good cause, especially if it's a local effort, I would support. I've already downloaded my copy, so go go go and download yours now~ Downloading the song is free anyway ma~~~ 

Go NOW! -->


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