Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Vyjayanthi @ Singapore's Last Kampung

One of my finds while doing this show - This show has brought me to many places from Lim Chu Kang cemetery to the local farms to a kampung in Singapore city.

Yup, you heard me right. There IS still a kampung around. I'm someone who explores Singapore on my own a lot, and I wonder why I never knew about this place before.

It is SUPER old school!!!! Like, really really kampung!!!! OMGOMGOMG!!!! 
One thing not too fantastic - cat poop and mozzies EVERYWHERE!!!!! ARGH~

 The crew. Super candid weird expressions. Lol~

This is in my hometown - Singapore, okay? Don't play play. Who said we lost our history? =D
p/s. Check out the houses behind!!!!!

 Tying my saree~~~

 still tying~~~

 ...as my dear producer watched on with amusement...

 HEY!!!! ("MMM!!!~~~")

 WAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Yes you can tell it is a very very very very hot day. Life's candid moments. Gayathri, I love you. I do. And I think you look cute here~ ;)

 Director Venga~

 All busy at work. Credits to Malathi for taking these pictures. She's the prettiest AP ever, as I mentioned, and she somehow avoids cameras, so I can't show you how she looks like....

 The bike, my super chio helmet, and my Tamil script. And this weird Chinese girl was standing beside in a saree. Epic.

 With the extras and makeup artist (back) for that day. They were a really fun-loving bunch! =D

Meet Aunty Mui Hong! She always calls me "Thanguhcheeee~~~~" whenever she sees me. Lol. That means 'little sister' in Thamizh (Tamil).

She is one of the owners of this kampung, and the only one still residing there. Her siblings have moved out, so she lives there with her nieces. A carefree lady who can be seen tending to her plants or cycling around the kampung visiting houses, she's one rich woman~ It's estimated that the piece of land is valued at at least, get this straight, S$30 million~!!!!!! But I hope she doesn't sell it, ever. Because this is such a priceless piece of heritage, we want to see it live on, and let our children see it too. It is our past, what made Singapore it is today with its towering skyscrapers and amazing architecture. Just 30 years ago Singapore was so kampung~ Gosh we're moving way too fast! 

Keen to visit this place? It's called Kampung Lorong Buangkok, located at Gerald Drive (near Jalan Kayu), off Yio Chu Kang Road. 

There are plans, as URA mentioned, to bulldoze and flatten the land and develop this place. Why? I have no idea. I think the government is bonkers and totally out of their mind if they really do that. Throw me in jail for saying that, I don't care. What I feel is we should preserve this place, instead of getting rid of it. We don't have any more of this left in mainland Singapore, leave it alone! And for those of you who haven't seen it, go. Doors are left unlocked, fruit trees are abundant, and pet cats and dogs are free to roam the place. (Leave Aunty Mui Hong's dogs alone though, they can get quite fiercely protective of their territory.) This place is a gem, in every aspect. 

Oh, and if you do go, say hi to Aunty Mui Hong for me okay?  Tell her the Chinese girl who acted in the Indian show misses her! =D

Remember Your Mosquito Protection Kits!

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  1. Hey Silver,

    Really appreciate the care you show for Singapore's history/heritage. Few young people would show that.

    BTW, you really acted well in Vyjayanthi :) . Hope to see in more tamil shows :D .