Saturday, 30 January 2010


I know you guys are waiting for the Part 4 instalment but really, please allow me to side-track cos I DO have other stuff happening in my life~
I promise Part 4 will come soon okay? ^.^

I'm in a super wanna-flick-my-hair mood today~

Guess what I got from Watsons?


 Essential Damage-Care!!!!

Some time ago, I read from Xiaxue's blog that she was invited to try the Essential Intensive Hair Mask somewhere. After reading it, I was so tempted to try. BECAUSE BECAUSE, due to the nature of my job, my hair has been subjected to loads and loads and loads of deep-frying and tong-ing and straightening and tong-ing and tong-ing and more tong-ing...and I haven't been going for hair treatments cos they are so damn bloody expensive~

Hence began my search for this mysterious salon that did her hair mask treatment. I couldn't find it. I googled high and low and went to town and walked all over. But I couldn't find the salon. Then I decided MAYBE Watson's or Guardian may have it!!!! Nope. Don't have leh...went to quite a few and couldn't find it. Mad frustrating.

This ALWAYS happens. When you are trying to find something and have the cash to get it, you will NEVER find what you want. Then somehow you see something you love on a day when you DON'T have cash to spare, or you just find it nice and walk on, only to realise you need it 2 months later and then you try remembering where you saw it and hunting high and low for it but you never find it? Why like that huh? I don't get it!!!!!

Anyway, 2 days ago I decided to try my luck once more. At Watsons. And you can imagine my joy at having spotted it. I was thrilled!!!! Then after taking the shampoo, the conditioner, and 2 bottles of the said miracle mask, I suddenly realized - I forgot to bring my Watsons card. KNN!!!! What an idiot!!!!! I cursed and swore (inside my head) before walking out of the store reluctantly. Needless to say, this time armed with my Watsons card, I went back yesterday.

I couldn't decide if I want Nuance Airy (for light and bouncy hair) or Rich Premier (for smooth and manageable hair) because I want my hair to be smooth and manageable whilst maintaining light and bouncy, as I have curls~ So I bought both.

The minute I got home, I decided to camwhore a bit with my fried-ended hair...

I know this looks (eh hem) damn chio but try to look beyond the face okay? Look further down.

To the HAIR la! Poke your eyes then you know....

To give you guys a better idea of how my fried ends look are some close-ups...


Severely dried out...


And looks just plain gross....

After camwhoring, I couldn't wait to try on the Essential stuff and see if it really works!

I used the Essential Nuance Airy Shampoo (left). I didn't touch the Conditioner cos directions told me "After shampoo, squeeze out excess water and apply an appropriate amount evenly on hair". Will use the conditioner on days when I'm not using the mask. =)

Followed by the much-raved-about mask. In Nuance Airy of course, since I only bought the Nuance Airy shampoo and conditioner, I decided to just stick with the same series for better and more accurate results for the blog. OH! And I must add, the Nuance Airy series has a fruity floral smell. Nice~~~

20 minutes later (Directions say 5 min, but I'm quite kiasu when it comes to leave-on timings for masks/hair dyes)...

I was so pleased with the results after blow-drying my hair that I took 93 freaking pictures of myself~ NINETY-THREE!!! Wahahaha~

Okay I know it looks messy here but trust me, hair feels noticeably softer...

See the difference?

                              Before                                                      After
The ends are softer. And appears less frizzy.

  Check out the shine beibay~~~~

Woot!!! Light and Bouncy! As promised!

Comparing the ends...

                              Before                                                      After

Nope, I didn't tong my hair to make the curls look nice. I only blow-dried it so that I can take pictures cos I can't take fair comparison pictures when it's wet.

Also, none of the pictures have been photoshopped or altered in any way (other than adding the watermark), cos I do not have the Photoshop software. Nor do I know how to use it either. Though I wish I have it, then I can make my pictures look more Va-Va-Voom than they already are. =D


See the before picture?

Side-by-side comparison again...
                              Before                                                      After

No I didn't mean to make the first picture look paler. Eh flash very hard to control one okay, plus I had to put on makeup (YES I put on makeup JUST to take a proper BEFORE picture!), remove makeup and shower then put on makeup again just to make the comparison look fair. ANYWAY, just concentrate on the hair la!!

OH OH!!! The floral fragrance remained even after riding! That means exhaust fumes and a whole hour of wearing the helmet! ;)

THEN!!!! Today! I tried the RICH PREMIER HAIR MASK.

I tell you, it's even better than the Nuance Airy. Maybe cos my hair is so dry, or maybe cos ytd I've already done the Nuance Airy mask. But the Rich Premier really delivers the "smooth and manageable" as written on the bottle. So I'm a happy and satisfied customer~




  1. Gal, i went for the Essential's free Hairmask treatment too.. its really effective.. =)so after the treatment i went to watson to buy 2 tubs of the hairmask!!

  2. At. Which Watson outlet did you buy from ? I search high and low for it but I just can't manage to find it .

  3. Yes me too.I can't find it where can i buy this stuff.