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Holiday Day 3! The World - Revisited~


I'm back with a vengeance! I'm sick of being sick la~ I WANT TO RUN AND SKIP AROUND LIKE A KID!!!!! Grrrr....stupid nose causing me to have a stupid earblock.And I had a massive nosebleed last night la. Not those regular nosebleed, it's the itchy-hand-go-and-pluck-off-scab-in-the-end-nosebleed kind of nosebleed... ~.~

4 days ago, while filming for 《我要当食神》, this TCM doctor who was at the filming helped me to 把脉, and he told me I wasn't sleeping, and even if I had 12 hours' sleep, I wouldn't have slept.

WTH....then what was I going to do? What can I do? Yes I think I grind my teeth (A few ppl have told me I do, friends whom I stayed with at chalets and ex-bfs... but that was years since. I haven't been sleeping with anyone else other than my dog for a while unless Alton tells me I do, I wouldn't know.) and the doctor DID ask if I grind my teeth. And if I wake up very tired despite sleeping. And if I don't really like to eat. Yes to all the above.

Am told to drink 菊花 and buy this thing called 逍遥散 from 中药房s to eat. Just googled 逍遥散. Sounds like something that is good for me and my liver so I shall try it soon.

Alright~ My HOLIDAY!!! DAY 3!!!!! Weee~~~~

We went to Shenzhen.

Before my visit to Shenzhen, I've been invited many times to go with people to this particular province in China. All along, I've thought it was a freaking boring place for old people...well...maybe it still is, I don't know. But I went to this place called "Window of the World", and I really really thought it was DAMN COOL! It houses like the sights and attractions of the world, except that they're in miniatures (not really that mini la, but loads smaller than the original). Visiting this place brought back memories of my flying days, cos I'm like revisiting all these wonders and sights of the world all over again! Reminiscence~~~~ You guys are in for a treat, cos I am going to post up some long ago pictures of when I was REALLY at those places (even though there weren't like a lot), along with the newly-taken ones at "Window of the World"~ Enjoy~!

For those curious to know how to get there, you take the MTR to Lo Wu station.

Then clear the immigration at Lo Wu (yes you gotta clear immigration so bring your passport along). After clearing the immigration, you're officially in Shenzhen. Next, take the metro again from Luohu 罗湖 station (Shenzhen side - yah they changed the English spelling) to Shi Jie Zhi Chuang 世界之窗 station. You need to buy a token-looking ticket for 5yuan (RMB). And you're there!!

Now..before the start of every day, there is ALWAYS breakfast... (okay okay, I don't ALWAYS eat breakfast, but let's just skip tt fact, okay?????)

Me camwhoring while pretending to drink soup naturally~

Caught in the act!!! =P WHAT??? U dunno meh??? Need to take like 19 ugly pictures before 1 nice one turns up you know????

After brekkie, (we had breakfast at Luohu station, Shenzhen side - there are a few Chinese restaurants available) we decided to take pictures (again)

Trying to re-enact the scene from Storm Warriors 2!!! Muahahahah!!!!
There were plenty of scenes when Nie Feng was like just standing there in THIS pose, and suddenly there was like black smoke EVERYWHERE emitting from god-knows-where, and the wind would blow~~~~ then suddenly someone dies. While he just stood there. Lol~~~

Then, as we were walking to the Shenzhen Metro (that's the train station), we saw this....

 Nothing to be excited about right? Then I looked in...

Yup! I hear you mumbling~ "What the hell..." *mumbles mumbles*


Okay enough side-tracking...

We're here!!!!

The Metro station is just below the imitation Museum de Lourve~ 有像哦!

The actual Museum De Lourve in Paris~

See the "Eiffel Tower"?

As it was the Xmas season, Xmas decorations were all in place! Everything was so pretty!!!!

Real Poinsettia flowers!!! Not the kind you planted in Farmville!!! Like, REAL POINSETTIA!!! WEE~~~

Snow White! And she had a retarded expression so we copied...

Huiyu decided looking like Grumpy would be a better idea while me...I'm STILL trying to look like (retarded) Snow White~~~

Okay, we can buy these "passports" and stamp the various countries' stamps ourselves. So we had fun stamping like from "Singapore" to "Iraq" to the States! The passports had small write-ups on each country so it's like a learner book for someone like me who, erm *心虚* has been to so many places but know so little about them.
Like do you know the Capital of Vietnam is Hanoi and that of Australia is Canberra, and Vatican is actually a country instead of a name of some town or state (and btw whose capital is Vatican City, which is a state...) And North America isn't just the States, but consists of USA AND Canada, and South America consists of 33 countries.
Knowledge and Geography, revisited. =D

My own 护照!
Wonder why they call it 护照...I mean, what does it 护(protect) me from?

Strange-looking tree.

THE MERLION!!!!! LOOK!!! It's there la!!!!! you know how the Merlion came about? Like how come it's our national symbol? And not just the Lion or a Garden cos we are supposed Lion and Garden City.

 Ah ah ah!!! I hear Sang Nila Utama's name! Yah yah...he supposed saw a lion...which was impossible anyway BECAUSE BECAUSE!!! LIONS DO NOT EXIST IN THIS PART OF THE WORLD!!!!! Think about it - the lion is a safari animal. And Singapore is a god-damn jungle! He probably saw something, most probably a tiger, asked his advisor who knows nuts about zoology and animal-identification, who cannot say he dunno and instead bull-shitted that it was a lion (singa). Sang Nila Utama believed him, and named us Singapura.

So shit man! Our country's name was a stupid mistake thanks to some gong tao cockster advisor of the great Sang Nila Utama! What the hell....

Back to my point:

The Merlion is just an imaginary creature, created by Mr Fraser Brunner, a member of the Souvenir Committee and curator of the Van Kleef Aquarium, for the logo of the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in use from 26 March 1964 to 1997. STB has since changed its logo, but the Merlion remains its trademark, became our national icon. So it was really just some guy's fantasy-thought-out creature.

Sad right? Our country's name has such a salah origin, and the national symbol so out-of-nowhere...

Then again, it has since become our nation's pride and joy, and being a proud citizen of my country, I've grown to admire its beauty...

So nice right? As compared to the one in 世界之窗, the original looks so handsome~
And the water jet is like, powerful one la! Pls scroll up to see the Merlion in Shenzhen...

It's like vomiting and drooling la...kns~ the water like, just nice lands into the pond lor. Had the jet been any weaker, water would be landing on the pavement...

The freaking place was large enough to house its very own version of Mount Fuji! Okay la, it was small, but not exactly like Polly Pocket size leh! A decent height, as you can see from the man standing right at the foot of it pointing up.

Clever me forgot to take down what this place is called. Anyhows, it was a nice setting for camwhoring!!!

I even directed like nice pictures for Junhao and Huiyu la~ Machiam wedding pictures can...

So sweet~~~

Okay okay...The entry's not very finished yet....still got some more stuff abt tt day...but I know you guys keep coming back to check if I've posted anything, so I shall post up half this entry here okay? I'll complete it by tmr!=DD


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  1. lol i was nearby just these few days la!!!! >.< was at guangzhou and abt 1 1/2 hr's train ride away... just got back yesterday.. T.T