Sunday, 28 February 2010

Things I Own are Coming Apart

And that includes my laptop, my portable external hard disk, my camera, and my shoes.

I own a lightweight 2.5 years old Sony Vaio TZ26. You know, the super thin one? And it's a pretty white colour. I think it's too flat, cos Alton has apparently been walking OVER it a lot. Now the LCD screen is coming apart from its backing. That is, the flap which has the VAIO logo when you close the lappie? Now it's coming apart from the LCD screen itself! WTH~ Can this be repaired? Cos I can't afford a new lappie now leh~ Because if I want to get one I'm gonna get an Alienware M11x or M15x!!! I play games and it's a gamer laptop~ (with customizable keyboard lighting!!!!!!!!!) UNLESS Dell thinks I can promote their laptop well and sponsor me one, or someone is kind and rich enough to buy me one... =D

Now on to my Sony portable hard disk. IRRITATING~! And okay, I was damn stupid enough to leave the USB cable on it wherever I bring the hard disk along. Now the USB port has been dislodged from the hard disk itself, meaning I can't access my pictures for blogging, which explains why the past few entries has soooo MANY pictures. =( This one can repair not?

Need to bring this and the lappie to Sony tomorrow...chances are I need to fork out money for repair....*cries*

My camera is peeling. My Sony T5. From ancient digital ages ago. The silver coating is peeling off, and it cuts into my ring finger and makes me bleed every now and then when I take pictures cos I rest the ring finger underneath the cam when I take pics. And the screen is getting blurry. Like those water stains? Think I got those when I brought the camera to Taiwan. This place where there are big waves and many yellow rocks. And it was raining then. So maybe the rain and the droplets from the waves kena the screen. Anyways, I've been living with those stains for more than 2 years now...

I really need a new camera. *hint*

Somehow, I own so many Sony products. Don't get me wrong okay? If you're the Dell or Philips boss or something. My lappie was bought because it was the one of thinnest and lightest laptop from 2008, and it looked really pretty. My hard disk was a birthday gift from my lovely fans for my 21st birthday, and the camera belonged to my Mummy. I took it and kept it as my own. =P So there~ I am NOT just pro-Sony okay? I've been using a Samsung mobile phone for the past 5 years. And I am open to any good brand, ESPECIALLY if the product looks damn sleek or chio.

My heels. The small thing at the end of the heel which always gets stuck in between drain covers and soil? Most of them have come off and if I wear those shoes, the 'kak kak kak' sound is damn irritating. Heels are supposed to go 'kok kok kok' and not 'kak kak kak'. Hai~ 你们懂我在说什么吗?
If the heels are not faulty, the shoes are broken. Either the skin, or the colour is dirty cos I somehow couldn't walk properly and kicked my right shoe with the left shoe and left a black scrape mark, or I kena stepped on by someone.

Doesn't help that I haven't been buying heels. Less than 5 pairs in the past 2 years? That's tragic for a girl okay? Especially when I have so many events to attend which requires me to wear heels. (Cos I'm not tall -duh-!!!)

And I'm not going into details about my 10-year-warrantied IKEA PAX door which has the rubber tubing fallen off, or the 10-year-warrantied IKEA chest of drawers which has the top drawer door curved outwards so it doesn't close properly on one side anymore. (God knows how come it can curve outwards). Yes, it has warranty. But HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO BRING THE FULL-LENGTH-ALMOST-CEILING-HEIGHT DOOR TO CHANGE FOR NEW ONE? PLUS THE BLOODY DRAWER DOOR!!!!!

Pek chek.

Can someone offer me a part-time job? Like property trading or equity trading or something. I don't know. What are the part-time jobs out there? (I am not talking about banquetting or waitressing) Just don't ask me to sell insurance okay? 

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