Tuesday, 9 February 2010

JY and Candyce's Wedding - Morning's Happenings

Okay, it's been a few days and I HAVE YET TO post up anything new, so you guys must hate me now... =(

NEVERTHELESS! Better late than never ma~ I shall attempt to tell you guys what happened that day, though I'm SURE you must have watched parts of it on youtube and xin.sg already~~~~

I was supposed to arrive at 7 that morning to do my makeup and hair (there was supposedly a stylist to do for us sisters la~), but due to the sponsors not having enough stylists that day, we got to do our own so Candyce's sister told me I could arrive at about 8...great for me as I am NEVER a can-wake-up-on-time-in-the-morning person....

While doing my makeup, I was suddenly nostalgic. This couple, we met in April 2005. In Mediacorp TV Theatre, when we were selected after round 3, which is the final round of the Project Superstar auditions. Most of us knew each other. I already knew Kelly, Weichoong, Jiaxin (永儿 as we know today), Ruth, Jason and Chanel. Most of us met when we were students at Lee Wei Song School of Music, or at Music Clinic, or through other singing competitions before this one. It was fun to have friends in this supposed nation-wide competition. We didn't know how big the competition would become. All of us knew just one thing. That we love singing. And that at the end of that competition, the winner's going to walk away with a recording contract. That, for ANYONE who has a passion for singing and performing, is a dream.

I didn't know either Candyce or JY then, and didn't have a chance to get close to either or them during the competition for whatever-reasons-I-can't-remember, but here I am, the only other contestant to be present at their wedding, and who have been given the honour to be one of Candyce's sisters for their very big day. Fate has a funny way of bringing people together. I got closer to Candyce after the competition, and I believe it was Alton and subsequently Tuffy who brought us closer. I got Alton in Oct 2005, and shortly after, I think it was due to a CNY trailer shoot for Magic Clean or something, that they expressed interest in owning a dog. I introduced them to my breeder, and hey presto, we have Tuffy!!! And everything just sort of just kept growing from there~~~ *sweet hor!!!*

See! Alton was soooo small! 3 months old or something~ And I'm happy to present this picture because, other than Ruth, the other 5 of us are STILL in the entertainment industry. Woohoo~~~ Keep it up for our dreams everyone!!!!

So anyway, the following pictures put me in a VERY dangerous position, as I risk having JY or (especially) Candyce coming after me with a parang....

PSS pictures!!!!!

The then still VERY toot-looking JY! His fashion sense hor~~ *tsk tsk tsk*
Wahahahah~~!!!! And look! Kelvin 陈伟联!!!!!

Who would have guessed these 3 standing in the middle would be the remaining 3 standing strong after so many years? ;)

OMG I can't believe I'm showing you these relics... 当年的我是肥到~~~~~~~

是站在一起的哦!至于是不是巧合...就只有当事人最清楚了~~~ ;)

维聪,维健...算了吧~ 你看人家一脸嫌弃... 慧甹只想要一个人亲~~~

5年前的我们!!! Cui until~~~~


Okok I shall stop posting hideous pictures of ourselves (of me especially *YIKES!!!*) UNPHOTOSHOPPED somemore!!! *peng* 

KK!! Enough of ancient pictures!! Back to the wedding proper~  (still shuddering from the horror of the previous picture...eeee~~~)

I arrived at 8ish, to find Candyce sis' place CROWDED with people (her sis' place is bigger). It's what happens when you're born into a family with 10 siblings altogether. Her family alone has 12 people. Plus her siblings' own families and relatives, there could easily have been a hundred people in there. The other sisters were almost done preparing for the 'obstacles' the guys are gonna go through to get the bride. Candyce's real sister Jieping briefed me on how to go about 'making life hard' for JY and his brothers (quite challenging leh I think), before I got a chance to go upstairs to see the pretty bride...


We synchronised 2 lappies so that our bride can watch what we're doing to her 宝宝 (they call each other that) from her room.

Camwhoring before the boys arrive~

JY and the brothers are here!!!!!!

We're not letting you in soooo easily boys~~~

The girls hid puzzle pieces around the pool. Their task was to find all the pieces and put them together to show the girls, who were watching from the balcony. 

We realized the neighbours upstairs got this rare chance to be a part of JY and Candyce's wedding...

Puzzle pieces could be in the pool, around the pool, in the trees........We were kind. We offered trash bags, swimming trunks, shorts...of course, to get these, you need to give ang baos...only the trash bags were free~

The leader of the gang, Jason, sacrificed himself and dived in. 喂老兄!需要这样为俊扬省钱吗???? He jumped in in his shirt and pants!!!!! 

WRONG!!!!! Find another piece!!!!


Jason 也真够兄弟,湿淋淋上来后还不忘给俊扬一个拥抱~~

We were still holding on to the shorts. Those were for Jason to change into, of course, since he was wet. We also offered a towel! So nice right?  In exchange....you know what we want~~~~~hiak hiak hiak~


Purple notes!!!! 难道是....??????

Oh my gawd....what the hell was that???????????????? JY notes?????????

We never thought he'd have ideas like this....

After much haggling and demanding...

All in! (say only la~~~~) This in exchange for us to open the front door.

Of course, at the door, they had to eat the usual 酸甜苦辣咸. Lemon-juiced and 苦瓜 ice cubes, biscuits with chilli padi sambal hiam jio paste, and a sweet drink were shared lovingly by guys.

After they got through the main door, they were given some time to learn and perform a medley-dance, consisting of , , , and <挫冰进行曲> (That 红豆,大红豆,芋头song). 

You can watch snippets of this first part here!! =)

The staircase up was also blocked by the kids of the family. JY can only pass if he gives a substantial angbao to each of the kids....

When he got to the top of the stairs, the door to Candyce's room was locked. He had to say "I love you" in 10 different languages before the door would be opened.

AND!!!! Candyce was soooo pretty!!!!

JY was all tears as he made his promises to take good care of his bride... Watch it here.

我自己看了边感动到一直流泪,边笑得合不拢嘴~ Candyce, JY 虽然木木的,但他对你的真心,
好好珍惜噢~ 不是每个新娘子都有你这种福气,嫁到那么爱自己的老公的。 =D


Parents + Siblings + Sibling's families = Candyce's HUGE family

Candyce 的爸爸妈妈~

I've no idea who's arm that belongs to, and I only have 1 picture of this...so the 姐妹 who was blocked by that arm, SORRY!!!!

还记得《非常Superband》 的 J3 吗?他是主唱Jacky。我们10年前早在“李伟菘音乐学校”已认识。我们当年是同一批的学生噢~!

The pretty bride and her *eh-hem* pretty sisters!!! 
(The one in the front row beside me on Candyce's left is her REAL sister~ )

Headed for JY's place, where MORE tea ceremony took place~ And where the legendary Tuffy was waiting for Daddy Mummy to come home~

Tuffy! He played a very important role in bringing them closer, and is their official first son. JY proposed to Candyce with the help of Tuffy! 

Candyce came to JY's place one day, and like any other day, Tuffy would greet her at the door. That very fateful day, however, JY tied the ring box to Tuffy's collar. Candyce felt it when she was sayang-ing Tuffy, and Ta-Dah~!!!!! JY walked out, knelt down, and popped the question! Pity no one filmed it down~ 

Here's a re-enactment though~ This was their very first interview after JY proposed. =D

AWWWW~~~~~VERY SWEET RIGHT?????? JY 超感性的~ 

At JY's place, before the bride and groom head to Raffles Marina to check in and settle down...
 背影都要那么漂亮~ 杜慧甹!够了hor!!!!

The classic 回眸一笑~ 
Can everyone see the carplate number behind? Nice number leh~~ (流露Auntie本色)


*horp 到了!*

I'm gonna end off this post here~ Before my medication makes me fall asleep again and you'll have to wait for something new.Went to get my medical report for my UTI 2 days ago. Reports state it was a very serious infection, and I was given MORE medication, which means another week of drowsiness and keep wanting to sleep...I took 3 days to write this post...kept dozing off after taking meds. So now I know, take med already CANNOT start blogging~

You can view the night's happenings on youtube. Just look under JY and Candyce's wedding and you will be able to find parts 1 to parts...eh...25? Some parts may be draggy, so you may want to wait for the post on the wedding dinner's happenings~

Here is a full video of the morning's happenings at Candyce's place~ =)




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