Sunday, 28 February 2010

Silver's Resolutions

Hello my dears!!!

Yes, I hear you! ("Finally~~~!!!!") I'm back. After taking a long break for the CNY. Nope, I didn't go overseas. I didn't do THAT much visiting either. Just took a break. Online just to check on my facebook and tweet occasionally, and checking mails (not even replying them...). Don't get me wrong. I love to write. Just wanted to be away from the computer for a while. Doing things like bringing Alton out, doing his grooming (yes I groom my own dog), getting my bike lessons back on track, playing my Nintendo DS, playing my Wii, reading...basically doing things I've been slacking on for a while.

And basically think about what I want to achieve this year, now that I'm formally a Wawa artiste and Wawa is now being watched by the media due to successful productions like 《一切完美》 and the upcoming 《魔幻世界》, so which means people will start to pay attention to their artistes more. This is a year in which I want to see myself produce results. I will work hard. 我会努力的。 =)

Oh, I made some CNY resolutions! (Cos I forgot to do so in January, and being Chinese, hey, 正月 is a time for new beginnings!) I have not told anyone about them, so you're the first to know. ;)

Here's my list, subject to addition, not limited to the following:

  • #1. Lose another 5kg. By end March. This is the first time I'm declaring this so openly. I haven't really been very actively trying to lose weight these past few years. If the weight comes off, it does. This time, I'm actually going to start working on getting Fiona Xie's body ('cept the fact that she's naturally blessed with a beautiful body). Just pray that my boobies don't come off together with the rest of the fats *horrors*.

     Tell me, if this is not hot, I don't know what is.

    • #2. Pick up Cantonese for real. I've been putting off learning this language for the longest time. Same goes for Bahasa Melayu. And I will be fluent by the year of the Rabbit. ;) 
    • #3. Buy a bike. This one I'm almost there. So I'm happy.
    • #4. Create a wish list for all the things I really really want. So that people know what to give me for my birthday, Xmas, Vday, or just because~ *hint hint hint hint*
    • #5. Start doing advertorials. And I promise I will NOT just put advertorials and neglect talking to you guys. I still have so many things to write about.
    • #6.  Keep my room neat. *Grrrr...*
    • #7. Vacuum the house twice a week. And this ties in with #6. *persevere* I am sick of going home to a messy room. I feel bad that Alton has to sleep amidst mess (he recently seemed to love the floor more than my bed, probably because my air-con is crap and the floor is much cooler and Mummy won't squash him). 
    • #8. Blog more. Okay that sounds vague. At least twice a week. And if I'll be gone for longer than that I WILL let you know. Done deal? 
    • #9. I will continue to remain true to my readers. And myself. Means you will see more of Silver Ang. As she is. And that she is growing. While still keeping that (i think) funny and buay hiao bai side. ;)
    • #10. I will go to my grandparent's place at least once every 2 weeks for dinner. Realized I haven't been going much these past year. They brought me up from when I was a baby. And it's only right that I go visit more often. 
    • #11. If work and finances permit,  I will bring them overseas for a holiday. =)

    Until I fulfill these, I shall stop here. I promised Part 5 will be after CNY. Today's officially 正月十五, the last day of CNY. I'll start on it by tmr so you should see it up in 2 days. So you guys can stop feeling "sian" that every time you come in there's no Part 5. I never knew you guys liked reading wordy love stories, or drama, as I call it. Anyhows, it shows you like me or my writing enough to keep coming, and I thank you for showing that support. *smiles*

    Most of you didn't get to celebrate Vday properly due to it clashing with CNY 初一, right? Today's your second chance. It's 元宵, the Chinese Valentines' Day. So go on, spend time with your loved ones. For the singles, buy your mum or your sister a flower. Make their day. 祝大家元宵节快乐!


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