Thursday, 30 August 2012

Explore Shanghai: Flower & Bird Market

Some call this the Pet Market. Other sites have named this the Flower, Bird, Fish & Insect Market. I'm just gonna do a literal translation from its Chinese name and stick to Flower & Bird Market, though I wouldn't mind a nicer name. (And also, most tourists don't travel for the sake of buying a pet. I think?)

Julia Dress from
I didn't know those uncles were behind me when I took this picture. Plus I couldn't wait for them to leave cos they were just..doing their stuff there. I think they kind of add a market mode to the photo, don't u think? ;)

I've never seen a kitty cage this populous. 

These poor tortoises were all stacked up on each other in such a small tank, it's cruel. They have no space to move about, much less swim. Inhumane pet trade... Then again, who really cares? It's not like they're big on having personal space. 

Which brings me to one thing I noticed when I was in China, and I really say this not to offend anyone, which is that many Chinese people have no sense of personal space. On the escalators, while queuing up, while standing waiting for the traffic green man...they just stand so closely to me...for what??? I remembered queuing for shengjian and the person in front of me moved forward like half a step, so I didn't really see a need to kuay sio (squeeze), then this woman queuing up behind me went "Eh!" then gestured for me to move forward. 

Excuse me. Go where? If it was raining and we were outdoors and you were standing in the rain, SURE! I would inch in even if it's a little bit just so you can squeeze in to hide from the rain. Auntie, we were in a shopping mall, and there is a proper queue with everyone having their own collection receipt. There's no need to be worried that anyone will cut our queue yo? (Mind you, she was literally breathing into my hair.) 

China has a lot of land. Someone please explain to me why the sense of personal space is as such. Please? 

Anyway, I hope these tortoises somehow, someday, end up in a good home, or at least be put out into the wild where they can be free to swim. 

Caught this parrot just STARING at me. Even from afar. Wonder if it was the blue dress or my earrings. I used to have a cockatiel & it had a ring toy hanging from its cage just like this earring.

Mind you, these things were alive. They're not specimens. The red tiny condom-lookalike thing is a plate for their food. People really keep them as pets????

!!!!!!!!!!! *screams!!!* *faints*

Okay fine it doesn't look so bad. Doesn't this remind you of the cricket in Pinocchio?  

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *SCREAMS!!!!! FAINTS*

...for the crickets~ 

This looks like something we would have in Singapore in one of those alleys in the wet markets.

Ducklings!!! They're one of my favourite birds of all time! Don't know why, maybe cos they're billed? I just think they somehow look cuter than chicks.

Are you saying I'm not cute?

The Flower & Bird Market (aka Pet Market) is located at:
405 Xizang Nan Lu, 
near Fangbang Zhong Lu 

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