Monday, 20 August 2012

Review: HappyBox & Clover by the Spa

If you're tired of receiving gifts you don't want, or fear gifting such items, you now have the ability to buy a gift for someone, yet let him/her choose what exactly they would like to have. (No, we're not talking about angpows.)

Sounds like a good deal? 

Seemed like that to me. has partnered with over 20 quality establishments to bring to you Beauty Delights Happybox, & Wine & Dine Happybox, so you get to choose which type of gift you would like to present. What your recipient will get is a box like this

Inside will be a catalogue of services they can choose from, and a Happybox gift card. 

Beauty Delights happybox catalogue

All they have to do is make their selection, activate the gift card at, and present the gift card as payment when they go for their reservation/appointment. Voila~! It's done! You got someone a present, and he/she can't blame you for giving them something they don't like cos they get to choose. 
The only downside is there isn't enough brands I was familiar with (or maybe I was just not that updated), and the only ones I know from the catalogue were Mentsu, Fabulous Tan, Rustic Nirvana, and Serendipity Nail Spa. Perhaps I was being greedy and spoilt. Nevertheless, it was good to explore and learn about new brands I never knew of.

I chose a facial treatment by Clover by the Spa, situated at The Central. The reason? I like clovers. Lucky clovers. The 4-leafed ones. Plus the name sounded nice. =D

Clover by the Spa uses only dermalogica products. I'm not a user of dermalogica products, but I've heard enough about them to know that they are very very reputable. My therapist that day said he used to have very very bad skin, and he joined dermalogica immediately upon graduation as dermalogica really transformed his skin and his life.

Initially I was skeptical about having a male therapist, but I was immediately put at ease by his expert knowledge in his field. Kenneth knows that he is doing, and he is good. Every step was carefully explained to me, and he handled my face with the right amount of pressure - systematic, firm yet gentle.

After deep cleansing my face, I was treated to an IPL session. They call it PTF, and can treat anything from pigmentation to acne to aging, loose skin. 

 Kenneth uses guasha to rid your face of toxins as well as improve facial metabolism and to achieve that glow~ This is then followed by mask chosen for your skin condition. Mine was a delicious-smelling oat mask which really smelt like oatmeal. I drifted off to sleep in oatmeal-smelling bliss. Heavenly~

After the treatment. Me without makeup. 

My therapist Kenneth whom I raved about so much. You would have read about it some time back if you've been following me on twitter. ;)

 For those curious about the PTF (IPL) prices for hair removal, here is their price list as of August 2012.

Overall, I very much enjoyed my session at Clover by the Spa. If this is the kind of standard of spa treatments available from the range in the Beauty Delights Happybox catalogue, I say a Happybox would be a great gift idea for the ladies, the stressed out, the vain & the body-conscious. Hopefully in time to come there would be more partners to spoil us with. For now, 17 options will suffice. ;)

Read more about happybox and their partners at

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  1. It seems like you are truly enjoying the experience. Your photo after the session tells that the facial procedure is truly incredible. Keep us posted with your future clover or spa experiences.