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Review: Sentosa 4D Adventureland "Fright Nites" - Finally Something Suitable for Children for Halloween!

I have to applaud the efforts of my juniors from Singapore Polytechnic for this Halloween attraction in Sentosa 4D Adventureland. For student work, I would say this is actually pretty good. The set was nicely designed, and the effects pretty decent.

"Fright Nites" comprises of 3 parts - "Trapped", "Panic House" & "Grip of the Undead". "Trapped" is the haunted trail which, in my opinion, wasn't very scary. Then again, I'm a really poor gauge for haunted trails due to the nature of my job. (I go there and I examine at the scare actors' makeup la...costumes la...props But I hear people screaming so I guess, well, to each his own. *shrugs*

After you're done with the haunted house trail you will be lead into the 4D Horror Movie Ride "Panic House". It's kind of like those simulator rides where you are on this carrier and you wear 3D glasses and it shakes and vibrates according to what happens in the "movie". (It's really more of like a horror short film cos it's just 10 minutes.) 

For this ride I advise sitting near the middle rows. I sat in the front row and the 3D effects were quite out of focus (maybe it's just me), and I kept seeing double vision. The visuals were pretty bumpy as it follows a girl who is trying to escape out of the haunted house. Overall pretty good, and you get surprise acts during the ride which could scare the shit out of some girls. For the braver audience, this might not do the trick for you.

The last part of the attraction is the "Grip of the Undead", and this has got to be my favourite part of "Fright Nites". It's basically a 4D shooting game where you sit on this motorbike-like thing that moves in-situ and you shoot at a screen like an arcade game. This gave me the most adrenaline rush out of all 3 because I was really kept busy shooting throughout. Also I think it was because I enjoy shooting games. Lol. 

Eh highest scorer in the group with 1574 points. Beat that~~~ (Tell me your scores when you go play okay?)

Overall "Fright Nites" didn't frighten me very much, but maybe it's just harder to scare me. For parents who wish to bring their kids to a Halloween attraction but are worried that your kids might be too young to take crazy scares (the other 2 halloween attractions in Sentosa - Halloween Horror Nights 3 as well as Spooktacular might be too intense for little children), I think this would be a good beginner attraction to go for. Have fun!

P.S. It doesn't end there. After you're done, you can go on for the usual 4D Adventureland show - Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. It stars Vanessa Hudgens so if you're a fan might want to catch it. =) This one you and your kids can be prepared to get sprayed, smell the atmosphere, and feel the wind, as if you are really in the movie. I really liked this. If only all movies were like this. 

Fright Nites
Opening hours: 7pm to 11pm every Friday & Saturday, as well as the last Sunday of October
Price: *S$38.90 for adults & S$26.90 for children between 3-12 years old. 
*Unlimited entries on day of visit

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