Sunday, 6 October 2013

So Many of My Kids Shows on Sundays!

It's Sunday!!!

Funny how things come to be what they have become.

In 2009, I left the airline to rebegin my journey in entertainment with Fun Learning as a host with Sugie. I was Wawa Jie Jie then. Then I suppose it was pretty well-received and subsequently we did season 2. Until today, I still have friends telling me that they are still seeing reruns of the show on Sunday mornings. ^^

Then in 2011 I was offered by Wawa Pictures (I'm grateful for the opportunities given by Wawa) to do a kids travelogue programme called "See the World"《娃娃看天下》where I bring a different kid to each city to let them experience life in that city. It just finished its reruns every Sunday at 10:30am on Channel 8. ^^
(Pretending to be) Game enough to eat a 鸭仔蛋,a hard boiled egg with an actual duck foetus inside, complete with feathers and all. O.O

I watched an episode the other day and I cringed. Lol. My hosting was SO raw! I don't know if I improved because that was actually my last TV hosting job before the one I'm doing. They say the more you do the better you become. I haven't been doing, which means my current now...??? Uh oh. Nah I hope I will be fine. I think? *fingers crossed*

My new work, Kids CEO 《我是CEO》will begin airing today at 11am.

This is an entrepreneurial show which challenges our kids each week to come out with a business proposal and to execute it. Based on net profit, as well as business strategy and service attitude, we'll determine the winning team.

And as you can see, I represent the red team, and Sugie, who's back as my partner-in-crime cohost, will represent the blue. =D


And then comes "Little Detective" 《芝麻小侦探》at 11:30am. Am I hogging乐乐窝? For the next few weeks, I think so. Lol.

This will be the very first production I'm doing with my cousin.

This is my cousin. You might remember her from many other Channel 8 shows, or from Mat Yoyo. ^^

In "Little Detective" I play an eccentric but kind teacher Miss Tay, who's dressed in the most number of cheongsams I've ever worn in my life. I kind of like the image, but she's crazier than she looks. Lol. You really got to watch to understand what I'm talking about. ><

For a rough idea, here's the trailer:

So catch me every Sunday morning on Channel 8, 2 consecutive shows from 11am onwards.
Every programme a different side of me. ;) If you catch the Fun Learning Wawa Jiejie storytelling snippets during commercial breaks too let me know. Lol.

乐乐窝掌门人?谁?我? 不要浆讲,我会不好意思的啦~
No I'm serious. I am grateful for all the opportunities given to me, and I strive to improve each time I get a new assignment. 感恩。加油!

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