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These were my favourite 2 lines in the entire movie Rhythm of the Rain. I love the rain, and these 2 lines hold a special meaning in my heart. 

The movie was shot so beautifully, 方文山-style. This is his first movie as a director, and I would have to say it’s done well as a directorial debut. You would know how whimsically beautiful his lyrics are, if you are familiar with Jay Chou’s songs. (This is the guy who needs no introduction - he gave life to Jay Chou’s songs with his poetic lyrics.) The movie is no different - beautiful and makes you feel it, lingering at just the right depth, but not too much that it gushes out with emotion.

我很喜歡下雨的味道, 它每次都會讓我感到很清新. 我也很愛聽見下雨的聲音, 因為雖然冷冷濕濕的, 它會讓我內心覺得好窩心,好想跟心里特別的他躲在被窩裡.


Some things are just better expressed in Chinese, don’t you think? =)

Like I mentioned earlier, I had the honour of being flown into Taipei for the gala premiere of Rhythm of the Rain and rub shoulders with the director as well as the cast, thanks to Nuffnang and Paktor.
Vincent 方文山 himself. 

I was so starstruck that day (no I haven't really gotten used to seeing famous international/Taiwanese homegrown names around me). 九把刀,the author and director for《那些年,我們一起追的女孩》was there as well.

The 2 main characters in the movie - Alan Ko & Ginnie Han. 

It's Ginnie's debut acting stint, and in my opinion, I thought she did a fantastic job playing Yujie (Rain). You'd have to watch the movie to get what I mean.

Vincent and Vivian! (Macam friend lol) Vivian Hsu is one of those who doesn't ever age. Most women her age are playing mother roles. She's like a student in this one! And totally convincing. 怎麼這樣???太厲害保養了~

All celebrities have this "pose for photos" pose. 

As do I. LOLOL okok #FAIL!!!!
I can never get the hang of posing for photos. Especially solo shots. 

I need more years of training. ><

My gala movie ticket. When they premiered here in Singapore, I jumped at the chance to watch it again. It's so good, why not, right? Plus the ending was very open-ended the first time I watched it, and Vincent Fang said in an interview that the ending was actually revealed at the end, very indirectly. 

I'm glad I saw it again, because I figured out the ending~~~ Lol #sosatisfying.
Go watch it okay, and see if you understand how it ends. Beautifully transcribed, I think Vincent Fang is a genius.

For more information, go to 聽見下雨的聲音 Facebook page.

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