Thursday, 16 June 2011

Win Movie Tickets to Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon!!!!

Woohoohoo!!!!!!! That's one highly anticipated show man!!! I know because I know there are SO MANY Transformers fans out there. 

Oh come on, tell me you haven't seen a Transformers logo replacing the Toyota/Honda/Mazda/Hyundai/Nissan Sunny/Mitsubishi etc logo in front of and behind a car. I won't believe you. I've seen so many of those on the roads myself, even on motorbikes (I even have friends who "zeng" their bikes to have the Transformers-inspired lights and sounds!!!), so I know, confirm guarantee plus chop, that there are many here who love the robot cars.

And guess what? Thanks to FOX International Channels and STAR Movies VIP Access, this Silver girl here would like to reward you guys who always come visit me on my blog, with, get this...with...

in 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay to be really honest, I prefer this poster:
More sut right? Never mind
Anyway, here are the details:

Where? At the Cathay
When? 28th June, 6:45pm

What do you have to do? 
Easy! Just tell me why you want to watch the show so very badly, and why, among so many others, should I pick you? No need to write loooong looong looong loooooong lor sor essays (unless it's really entertaining), just a few short paragraphs will do! 

And there's more~

In conjunction with the launch of STAR Movies Pack available on Starhub TV, (this includes all your favourite movie channels - STAR Movies, STAR Movies HD, STAR Movies On Demand, and Fox Famile Movies!!!), when you subscribe to the STAR Movies Pack, you will get a chance to win
1. A Subaru Forester 2.0X;
2. A Trip for 4 to DreamWorld, WhiteWater World, and SkyPoint in Gold Coast, Australia;
3. Loads of other fantastic prizes!!!! 

I don't know about you, but I would like to win the car myself~! Eh even if I don't drive it, I can sell for quite a bit of money lor! COE is now 53k leh! Don't play play~~~ current market price for that car is about $110,000. That's 110k. One can do a lot with that money~~~ ;)

And if I don't win the car? The trip for 4 also shiok right????

I think it's time I get the Star Movies Pack myself, after all, it has all the good shows like 

Avatar (MAD LOVE THE 3D GRAPHICS!!!!!), Toy Story 3, 50 First Dates, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and even that Justin Bieber show. Yah, THAT Justin Bieber show, like it or not. As long as it's a popular show, they'll air it. ^.^

Promotion period's only from 14 June to 14 August 2011!!! 
And when you subscribe to STAR Movies Pack during this period, you'll get Free Upgrade or $4 your monthly subscription for the first 3 months!!!

What are you waiting for? Subscribe already!!! 

Oh...huh? *wonders why everyone's still here*
 OH!!!! *slaps forehead* want to win that pair of tickets first huh? Yes yes of course, silly me...

Write in and tell me why you want to watch Transformers 3, and why I should pick you. ;)

Remember to include in your write-up:
1. Your Name.
2. Your Contact Number.
3. Your Email Add.

Send the entry to

Go on, start cracking. It won't take you too much time, I promise. Even if it did, hello? It's Transformers 3 we're talking about here! You know? Transformers 3? Optimus? Bumble Bee? Hot babes?

Need I say more? 
Don't puke la!!! Cannot take humour meh? I'm not that bad what, just not hawt enough for Director Michael Bay to pick me. 
*envies Rosie Huntington-Whiteley*

Okok I know some of you are really busy. So I've just decided that the closing date for submission of your entries will be on the 23rd June 2011, 23:59hrs. Hooray!!!!!

Ain't I nice? ;)

Good Luck!!!


  1. This looks really good. Even though some say that it sucks, because it doesn't stay true to the original storyline or characters, it's nice? How this movie has a modern twist to it. I am waiting the part 3 of Transformers, Watch or Download Movies & TV Series Online

  2. great ad, unfortunately i cant subscribe to cable tv or go to the movies at the moment otherwise would participate for the fun of it.


  3. Enjoy: