Monday, 13 June 2011

Ad: Haute Urban

I'm sure you know plenty plenty plenty plenty PLENTY of blogshops selling clothes. What about shoes? I only know a few doing shoes, and one of them is

 Their shoes come in a HUGE RANGE OF SIZES!!!!! And I mean HUGE~~~~
Sizes 34 all the way to 48!!!
Doesn't matter if you have fairy feet or you're known as the Dua Ka Soh (Big Feet Aunty), there's something to make your feet pretty! YAY!!!

Their selection is awesome to the max~ From sporty (school!!!!!)...

To sporty sexy...

To sexy...


Then there are the sweet-sweet-looking kinds:

I even found shoes suitable for that best friend's wedding, or prom! Good idea to get them now, otherwise you'll never find them when you need them later in the year. Trust me. I've been there. 

 They have serious shoes for work too~

And quirky-fun types....

 I love this pair!!!! Colourful and statement-y without being TOO loud. =)

Haute Urban also carries a collection of boots! I love boots, and I love wearing them especially when I'm riding. They give enough protection to the ankle area. I had a little accident remember? And I was all covered up EXCEPT my ankles! I wore covered shoes, but my ankles were exposed, and that was where my flesh came off. (EEEKS!) So lady riders, if you're reading this, please make sure every inch of your pretty skin is well-protected yeah? For your feet, let boots do the job. Plus they make you look damn SUT! ("stylo")

There are nice winter boots too! Good idea to get a pair before you head to that cold cold country for your holiday. No, a very cold feet is NOT fun. Keep your feet warm to truly enjoy the snow and ice. =)
Then there are these few pairs which I like, but wasn't sure how to classify them. I'll just call these "pretty shoes":

Does this remind you of a particular monogrammed brand? ;)

When ordering their shoes, please remember to add one size to your original shoe size. The sizes are cut smaller than your usual sizing, so if you happen to be a Charles n Keith size 38, order size 39 from Haute Urban to get a better fit.

 Haute Urban has not only shoes, but bags as well!!!!! How convenient~

 OMG Cath Kidston - inspired pouches!!!!

 My picks:

Their sprees take about 2 weeks after the spree closes for the goods to arrive, so order in advance before that important function okay? There's currently a spree going on, and the deadline is 18th June! If you want to get your shoes SOON, go order now! If not you got to wait another 1 or 2 weeks for the next spree, and another 2 weeks to get hold of those pretty shoes. Dan si mi? Hop over to Haute Urban now!

Huay Ka,
That Silver Girl

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