Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Sponsored: E-Magazines from Booktique

I was doing some spring cleaning the other day, and I found a huge stack of old magazines. Under my bed.

Seriously??? (I honestly think I have more in other hidden areas of the house. Maybe another 2 drawers’ load.)

I think it’s a waste to throw magazines away, just like I wouldn’t throw books away, especially if these magazines are packed with good, useful content. Like “10 Hairstyles to Try for that Hot Date” or “Property Investment In Singapore”. A bit extreme hor my content examples, but you get what I mean right? You might want to revisit these articles again sometime in the future (though I hardly do). 

My point is, I just can’t bear to throw magazines away. And the worst part about keeping them? Clutter and storage. Housing in Singapore is expensive enough as it is, it just doesn’t make sense to make use of 2 square feet of your home worth a few thousand dollars, to store old magazines. 

Enter Booktique Magazines. An app available exclusively to Android users. For now.
Which means iPhone/iPad users, fret not, an iOS version is coming out soon! ;)

Booktique Magazines, like its e-bookstore counterpart Booktique, is proudly brought to you by StarHub. Fret not, for non-StarHub users, you can still create a HubID to use this app, and registration is absolutely free.
What I love about this app is that it has a pleasantly surprising variety of magazines not easily available on the market. Think Asian Geographic (for those interested in nature), epicure (for food lovers), Motor Culture (for the motorbiking lovers), and even Hooked (for the fishing enthusiasts).
Those of you keen to start biking can now have easy access to SPIN Asia! I’m a total cycling idiot, with only enough knowledge to rent a bike at East Coast and Pulau Ubin and ride around the normal leisure tracks. If you are like me but want to get serious about biking, this might be what you need.

Okay, even though I know zilch about cycling other than the act itself, I’m a licenced motorbiker, for those who don’t know. Yeah baby, I ride them monsters…  #soundswrongIknow
Don’t nag at me about my helmet being too high. I had a freaking bun of hair inside at the top of my head, which explains why. But yeah, even though I drive too, I really love riding. And safety is something very important to a rider. So is finding out new information about riding. =D

So I was super excited when I found this magazine inside Booktique Magazines:

There are magazines more suited to the ladies, and even on parenthood, in case you think they only have really serious and “guyish” magazines:

There are magazines for pet lovers too~ ^.^

You can log onto booktique.sg/magazines to browse and purchase the magazines.
You may also browse the Store in the Booktique Magazines app, but they will redirect you to the website to make your purchase. =)
You should see the magazines you purchased in your Library.
Just click on Download and you can start reading!

You may also browse the Store in the Booktique Magazines app, but they will redirect you to the website to make your purchase. =)

(Apart from paid magazines, there are also FREE magazines like the Property Guru you see here! There is quite a variety of free titles to choose from, so go take your pick!)

The downloaded magazines will appear in your shelf so you can access them anytime, without the need for mobile data.

No more hard copies for me. I mean it. That means I shall never ever worry about magazine clutter lying around the house in my room, toilet, kitchen, yada yada. You get the idea. And I never have to throw anything away. Muahahahaha~ #hoarder

Oh and the best part? Some of these magazines don’t even cost anything. 

Wait, is that the best part? Or is it the fact that I don’t have to roll the magazine up and giap under my armpit when I’m out with it? Or that I can bring 10 magazines out without feeling the weight in my handbag.

The wonders technology can do~ Now all I need is a portable charger for my smartphone… ^.^


  1. Thanks for the tip! I also hoard magazines too, especially when there's useful articles I can look back to. My magazine hoarding days started from 8 Days issue 1 but that's obviously stopped when I went overseas for study. The only magazine I subscribe to and hoard is Motorcycle Cruiser. I'll try the app and see if I can be able to use it in Australia.

    For portable charger, I'm using Dexim's S8 charger


    I know it's expensive (generally over $100), but it can fit into your purse and there's a handy LED torch to boot! Those days when iPhone 3 came out, it could charge iPhones twice before the power runs out. Nowadays with current models, it probably can give a full charge and a bit before needing recharging. It's still good enough to last for emergencies when you need the phone