Thursday, 14 November 2013

Sponsored: Darlie Expert White

If you've realized in my Instagram posts in the few weeks in late September/October, I haven't been smiling with teeth a lot. 
Ya. Like this.

That's because I've been trying to do an experiment. By drinking a lot of black tea and coffee. I do brush my teeth of course, with a normal fluoride toothpaste. And I realize something. 

That if I drink a lot of black tea and coffee, I really get yellow teeth. 

Which explains why I've been smiling with my mouth closed. ><

And you thought it was just urban legend? It's true lor!

Need proof? Come I show you...


Then comes my saviour. 
I was told that the whitening effects of this toothpaste is phenomenal, thus I dared to do that little experiment above for a couple of weeks. 

I know. I'm sure you have the same doubts. If it's really that good, dentists will be out of jobs, right?

I tell you. It IS really good. You see, I did a little test...

I was pretty amazed with the results. I was actually considering a teeth-whitening procedure for a few months now, and right now, that idea has just been thrown out my window. =D

So how does Darlie Expert White work???

It was inspired by the professional dental whitening procedures - ultrasonic scaling and polishing. It even uses an ingredient similar to what dentists use - Prophylaxis Silica-micro particles, which is what helps to make teeth 3 x whiter.

Pssst...a research has been done and 88% of respondents agree on its whitening effects!

Think of using the Darlie Expert White to brush your teeth like using sunblock for your skin - it helps to create a whitening shield for your teeth against staining and tartar accumulation.

Without protection or with? You decide. I love my coffee, and I want my teeth white too.

In my package, I was given this black-bristled toothbrush as well. 

In my mind I thought it was just another gimmicky marketing thing that companies come up with coloured bristled toothbrushes. After some research, I was wrong....

The bristles are made from Binchotan charcoal, which is a very premium grade of Japanese charcoal valued for its lack of chemical additives and smoke-free properties. 
  • It is a very good deodorizer which helps remove plague and absorb odor-causing bacteria (no more bad breath!!!) 
  • It emits far-infrared rays which improves blood circulation! 
  • Bristles made from Binchotan also prevents bacteria from growing within the toothbrush!
Wow. Looks like we have a very hardworking toothbrush! 

Put these 2 together, and what do I get?

The bristles felt very soft to the touch, and I love soft bristles. I've always believed that toothbrush bristles should be soft so that when I brush my teeth, my gums get a nice massage without bleeding. The problem with soft bristles is that sometimes they don't clean as effectively. 

This toothbrush though, I must say, I was impressed. Soft, yet the slim bristles were very effective at getting pieces of stuck food out from between my teeth. My gums felt good during the brush, and I end up with nice clean teeth. Quite a good brush I would say, and I would even recommend it to people with sensitive gums. *thumbs up!*

The result of just one brush with the Darlie Expert White toothpaste?

Let's do a side-by-side comparison:
 Before                                                                   After

What happens a week later? 

Yes, just one week. 

I am a happy girl. ^.....^

Darlie Expert White is easily available at all leading departmental stores for just $5.90 for a 120g tube. 

I swear I will be faithful and I'm not going to use anything else from now on. 
Promise. ;)

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