Tuesday, 19 November 2013


I was feeling so darn bloated the past 2 weeks, and feeling super sleepy all the time, and I couldn't understand why. It got to a point when I was totally not productive, would just wake up, eat, and then feel sleepy again and head back into bed. 

Not having many appointments which required me to go out did not help.

So there I was, feeling damn pek cek cos I couldn't get anything done, not even blogging cos I was feeling so bloated and lethargic all the time. I started my spa regimen again. I got lazy for a good half year cos I was lazy to clean the bathtub after each spa. Lazy la~ Fat die orbigood. See what happens?

I brought back a waterproof phone cover when I came back from Shanghai in August, and that was like my best purchase ever. The thing about being inside a bathtub doing the spa treatment is that you have to relax and sit there for 20-30 minutes just...relaxing. 

You know us right? Gen-Ys who can't stop using our devices (don't care what you say I still gen-Y~~~). Especially with the new Sony Xperia Z which is waterproof I have been people posting pictures of themselves in the shower watching videos. >< 

#notavoyeurshot Taken off @OngXavier's instagram. Other than being impressed with the phone I was really very curious as to who took this picture for him while he was watching MarxMae. Lol.

It's only a matter of time before all the devices start having that capability. Waterproof I mean. Not voyeur. 

For now, the waterproof case rocks balls man. I could sit in my bathtub and read. (I can't really watch anything cos the bubbling of the water is pretty loud.)

It was in my bathtub that I discovered Google Play now have Books!!!! And there is a Play Books reader app, duh, allows you to read the stuff you've downloaded on Google Play. Hallelujah~~~ I call it the law of attraction, that is, when you want something and you somehow draw it to you. 

I wanted to feel better. To get out of that lazy-fat rut. And I stumbled upon The South Beach Diet book. I contemplated for a long time whether I wanted to get it, because I'v heard of many Hollywood celebrities who have tried it and succeeded. Also because it sounded like some seafood diet and I'm a crazy seafood fan. 

For some reason I didn't *cue boingoingoingoing sound* and decided to search for Atkins instead. I've tried Atkins long ago, probably in my late teens, and it didn't work for me.


You must be thinking "Siao last time didn't work for you still want to try for what?"

I've read too many articles about it, and too many success stories, and for some reason I just wanted to give it another chance. 

Plus, they have a new edition and it's now called "New Atkins for a New You". I read the prologue and thought, hey, they've made improvements. Maybe it'll be easier to follow. And I made that decision to let Google take my money. 

Well well, waddya know? I started cutting rice, noodles and bread from my diet (not entirely yet), and it's just day 2 and I'm feeling on top of the moooooon~~

I was not sleepy as much, and strangely enough, my bloated feeling started to go off. And mind you, I was eating eggs and chicken and pork and loads of leafy greens. Just no refined carbs. Just that little difference. And whoa the effects were rather surprising. 

I'm contemplating doing the whole Induction phase when I get to Taiwan. Simply because I have a lot of friends wanting to meet me for lunches and dinners before I fly. (Guys! I won't be gone forever!!!) So I foresee loads of sinful foods that would make it a little hard to be on Induction before I go off. Till then, "bloat-free" and "energetic" is enough for me.

Have you tried Atkins? How was it for you? I'm really curious as to how well it worked for you. Motivate each other leh lai lai lai.

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