Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy new year guys!!!!

Sorry for the lack of updates! As some of you who are following my Instagram already know, I have finally moved my ass to Taiwan!!!

This is all really very exciting for me, because I have been wanting to do so for the past 8 years, but have never really found an opportunity to do so. Now that I have, I can't wait to see what life has in store for me here! 

I was supposed to be here on the 30th, but I couldn't fly because silly me assumed that I could fly as long as my passport has not expired. Don't make the same mistake I did okay - you need at least 6 months' validity on your passport to fly to most countries. 

And I felt so paiseh to all my friends who came to send me off on the night of the 29th... Lol...
Evangeline (my nail sponsor) & Mint who brought me meaningful gifts, and their partners Johnson and Colin. And my sis. ^.^

Kelvin and Matthew, my mates from when I was in SP's Students' Union! #wanttocryalready

Cheryl was gonna come too but I sent her a text asking her to u-turn and go home. Lol. Now I know who holds me dear enough to their hearts that they bother. ^^

My family was really sweet too. You know how Chinese families will give you an angpow before you travel for good luck? I almost cried when I saw this on my desk:
Even though it's not the first time I'm seeing them, those 4 words meant so so so much to me now.


Of course, there was my mum and sis and grandma and uncles and I'm really lucky that they are supportive. Thank you, each and every one of you. 

Anyway thankfully I was able to get my passport done within a day - went to ICA on the 30th Dec, got it on the morning of the 31st. Singapore ICA efficiency FTW! (And Cheryl came to ICA to look for me and pass me presents for me to bring to Taipei! So sweet!!!)

That means I'm going to ditch my 10-year passport and use my new biometric passport for my new beginning in Taiwan! I couldn't help thinking how apt it was. =D

So I flew over on the 31 Dec 2013 and arrived here at about 630pm in the evening, and I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. The good thing is I get to countdown and officially start the year here, the bad is that when I finally got to my room and moved all my stuff in it was already night time and the streets are crazy filled with people who are coming to countdown. I live near Taipei 101, and like all town areas, countdowns are street-packed with people EVERYWHERE!

This is near Taipei 101. Crazy right???

My first moments after I got into my house was to get out and buy cleaning supplies. To clean the house so that I can sleep that night. Cos it's all just dusty and bare.


When in Taipei, one of the best things to do is to visit their night markets. The one I live near is called Lin Jiang Ye Shi. And according to my driver, this one and Rao He Ye Shi are 2 of the better ones. So visit the next time you are here ok? Shih Lin is overrated. ^.^

Not knowing what to expect but since my friend said everyone goes to Taipei 101 to view the fireworks, we went too. 

And we found out why later...

Mad beautiful omg!!!!! I can imagine that if you view from far it'll just look like the building exploded, but the view from the bottom was just amazing!!!

What happened after was so hilarious ok. We were supposed to join my friend's gf in a club, and cos she didn't bring her phone, we had to wait for her to call as it's a VIP-only place. We tried calling her friend but because no one picked up, the queue was super long, and we weren't very dressed for partying, we decided to abandon the partying idea and just go shopping at the mall while we wait for her cos the mall was open till 1am that night. 

Then I found a store that sells bed linen. 

So I bought 2 feather pillows, and my friend bought a super comfy blanket.
And immediately after we paid, his friend called and said she could bring us in.

So you can imagine what happened after that right? 2 jokers - 1 carrying a huge plastic bag of 2 pillows, and another carrying a huge plastic bag of duvet blanket, went into the hippest new club of Taipei, Hive. 

So diu lian. Lol!!! Hey, you only live once. How many times can you say you brought pillows and blanket to a club? I can say I have done it. Haha!!!

That's probably how I'm going to live my 2014. Do things I've never done before. Leave a footprint. 
And also, be the best I can ever be. No one's spoon-feeding me, it's destiny in my hands. 

I wish you everything amazing in 2014 as well, in whatever you set out to do. =)

And Mint, this one goes out specially to you - Happy Birthday! I can't be there with you this year, but my love remains. Another year of experience earned, a brand new year awaits. May you have achievements brighter and more spectacular than the fireworks from 101! Muuaaaahhhh!!!! XOXO!

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