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Summer is almost here!!!!!!!

Okay that is plain horseshit. Every time I see local magazines do that, especially the May/June issues with all the "Get Your Body Beach-Ready for Summer!" taglines, I think the exact same thing -

"What the hell are they talking about? We have summer like 365 days a year hellooooo?????"

But in the spirit of things, summer all year round or not, a lot of beach events are held in the middle of the year, and though it's 2 months away, it shouldn't be too late to start shopping for...


Me. 10 years ago. Would never go near a bikini. Okay, make that 5 years? I don't think I owned my first one till a few years back. And I don't really wear them much, not just cos I've never had the body to wear them, but more cos I've never had enough self-love and confidence to love my own body, no matter its shape.

And I always have some "I don't want to get tanned" bullshit excuse.

I mean, if she could be comfortable in a bikini, why not I?

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Yeah so I don't look like Miranda Kerr in a bikini, big deal. As long as I love my body enough, it'll grow to become the shape I will love more and more (The Secret taught me that mindset). It sounds delusional, but it actually works to a certain extent. Of course the diet and exercise needs to come in, but I think I'm getting there. Even if I don't, I'll love my body enough to not be ashamed of it. 

If you don't love yourself, who's going to love you, right? 

So, here's to a courageous me, doing a swimwear advertorial for the first time.
(I owe it to the fact that I really like the lady boss Weini.)

First picture will always be a cramped face. Nervous ma! Lol! I have been working out, but that doesn't mean I've lost all the weight I gained last Oct-December. I still want my flat abs in due time...

That aside, if I really just enjoy myself in the bikini, I think I look pretty okay. ;)

Wearing Candice in Rainbow Stripes by Volupza
Self love rules!

Marilyn Monokini in Sandy Nude. 
For this piece, I'm a pretty bad model. Go browse the Volupza website for a better picture. Lol!

Love the fabric though. The knitted details make this piece look very classy.

Wearing Vonie in Cream White. Look under Beach Cover Ups
 Beach wear should always be complete with a beach cover-up. For those moments when you're still wet but you wanna take a walk to grab a meal nearby. Man I am so looking forward to my girly trip with the GLOW girls in May! Yes I'm pre-empting you so watch this space for updates! (Expect more beachwear pictures then!) ;)

If you have followed me long enough, you'll know I have done another advertorial for Volupza prior to this, and that focussed on bras and some of their apparels.

This time, of course, if I find something good, I'll have to share it. Especially for the women and girls. 
If you go refer back to the previous ad, you'll know that I'm really not very busty. In the last year I have learnt what to wear to maximize what minimal stuff I have. And I have to be honest with you, this is a really value for money find:

Teaser shot. Lol. Nah this picture is to show you really, the side of the bra, without me baring my armpits in your face. The sides are thick, which means you can push all your side fats to the front. In Chinese we say you can 捞 everything to the front. If you actually go to the Volupza site, you probably wouldn't even pay attention to it because this bra, on its own (which means not worn on a person), looks a little erm...not very aesthetically appealing. BUT BUT BUT!!!! It's a whole new different story once you put it on.

The result?

有没有???I have bought bras from overseas that does the same job, but they cost me a few hundred dollars per bra. Let's say I can buy at least 8 of these with that money...

Wearing Mouret Deep-V Plunge Bra. Look under plunge bras in the Volupza website.

Good stuff 当然要跟你们 share 啦! 

Okay I've sacrificed. Time for you to do me a favour and hop over to Volupza to do some shopping! 

Warning: You might end up wanting to buy more than what you initially set aside. Though multiple visits are advised. ;) 


  1. omg now i feel stressed. i have to lose all my flab or they will appear in the phuket bikini shots on ur blog?! NUUUUUUUUUU.


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