Friday, 12 April 2013

LJH Review: Cellabel M.C Sun Pact

Being a girl in our weather, though we get to wear sandals, heels, and sexy dresses and summer pieces all year round, can be kind of annoying when it comes to our makeup.

You know where this is going. And I'm sure you can relate. Okay so we need to apply our skincare products, sunblock, primer, makeup, and probably a setting mist to prevent our makeup from melting.

And still, you're going to look a mess by the time you walk from your home to the car/bus stop/mrt station. I see your heads nodding. No wonder some women don't ever bother with makeup.

I can leave the house without makeup, no problem, but sunblock? Hey, seriously? With our type of weather? No sunblock = skin damage, whether apparent on the surface or not. And I would usually have some form on makeup on, as I believe it acts as a barrier between pollution, UV rays, and a whole lot of nonsense in the air.

So here comes a question: You have makeup on, you leave the house, you perspire, and you blot the sweat and sebum away. Makeup has been applied over your sunblock, and you know sunscreen lasts only a set number of hours before its efficacy wears off. What do you do by the time it's 1pm? When the sun is at its strongest, and for office executives, it's lunchtime and you need to head out for food/lunch meeting?

I do a LOT of outdoor shoots, and couple that with a fixed wardrobe, set hair with loads of hairspray, and makeup that has to last all day (cos usually there's no makeup artist when we do outdoor filming), comfortable is the last word in my dictionary. My sunscreen would have worn off by the time 1. I arrive on set cos I've been sweating my entire journey there, or 2. it's lunch. Bear in mind that I might have a whole afternoon in the outdoors still. So haaaaaoooooo???

My BFF on my shoots - my Cellabel Sun Pact. SPF 50+ protection from UVA & UVB rays, as well as sebum control, plus it hydrates, and I can touch up my makeup and look less shiny on camera. Good stuff!

Made with a 7-tea complex extracted from Green Tea, Mum Tea, Jasmine, Lemon Balm, Rosemary, Lime, and Rooibos tea, this sun pact helps to soothe irritated skin and keeps other skin problems at bay. And believe it or not this powder HYDRATES the skin too!

 Comes with a small puff inside, as well as an extra puff refill. The compact also comes with a soft black velvet casing if you're worried about scratches. 

 The powder is formulated with high levels of minerals which help to maintain optimal moisture balance and soften skin texture. And I wasn't joking when I said it helps to control sebum. It also diffuses light, giving the skin a very "soft focus" effect.

Using ONLY the Cellabel M.C Sun Pact

If you're not a fan of heavy makeup, at least look good by looking like you have good skin. =)
I think basic nude makeup is courtesy, to your job and your clients. Not many women have naturally flawless skin, and even if there are, there are days when you have your dark eye rings, breakouts, and little skin hiccups. You can reapply this as often as you want without worrying about it clogging your pores or causing breakouts...

 ...and you never have to worry about the sun again, even if you have makeup on for a full day. ;)

How do you lay your hands on this? 
Visit LJH Cosmetics' temporary site (the main site is still under construction as they are very very very very new in Singapore, though I have to tell u too that the sales of their products have been pretty phenomenal) at, look for the Sun Pact. I'm using #21 which is more in the pinkish tone. #23 is more yellowish. 

And just for my readers, key in LJHSilverAng to get an additional 20% off the current promotional price (U.P $88, Promo $68, With my code $54.40)! This discount code is valid for all purchases made at till 19th April 2013. 

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