Thursday, 10 December 2009

Thank you =D


First of all, I wanna thank all for you for coming back. It gives me drive to keep writing. =) And I am thankful that you guys either

  1. like my writing
  2. like me, or *shy* love me (don't shy la~~can just tell me...I won't tell...)
  3. are concerned about the happenings of my little life
  4. OR!!! OR!! OR!!!!! 
  5. somehow ACCIDENTALLY stumbled here, or was brought here by some weird unknown forces, which means we are somehow fated to meet, right?

I'm smiling. In a very stoned, steamed, and spaced manner because I am in desperate need of sleep. Funny how a moment ago I was feeling wide awake and the next I become some Resident Evil know, the thing that drags its feet and walks around hunched, with super tsui expressionless face, blank eyes, and arms that dangle limply by its side? I look something like that now...NOT pretty...

Oh well...

I was saying...I'm smiling (so maybe that makes me slightly prettier than the Resident Evil thingy), because of all the above reasons, especially....

1,2,3 and 4!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

(Told you I am in need of sleep.....)

Secondly, I wanna apologize for having disappointed you time and again. Sorry my dears~ Because you keep coming back for more, some of you several times a day, but then all you keep seeing is the last post you saw.

I've been experiencing life as it is (that means, in layman terms, going about my business, going out with old friends, meeting new people, taking time off for myself to relax and enjoy~ =D), and taking my motorbike lessons (been wondering how to blog about it with pictures cos I can't take pictures while I'm on the bike...later fall down how? Cannot blog leh...then you'll be sad right? I know~ *gives an understanding nod* I'll sort this out somehow...).

Basically, I'm living life so that there is stuff to update about ma...but because I always end up living my life (or days) to the full...that by the time I'm done...I'm been awake for way too long and am way too stoned to blog.

SO HOR! You lucky ones should also feel grateful that I am here now at 5am despite my head throbbing and feeling woozy and arms hurting and legs feeling say thank you and sorry.

Did I mention me and QT went out for our FIRST ever camming session? We've been best friends for so long, yet we've never never never ever gone out and taken pictures together before! The only ones we have are those taken at gatherings of sorts, like her bday party or some fans gathering or something.

Then there's that Hong Kong trip at the end of the year which I'm going with....another one of my 4 besties (Ya, I have 4. Will one by one intro to you peeps ok?)!!!

AND OH!!! Motorbike lessons! I passed the practical subjects I retook twice. Finally!!! YAY!!!

I got so much to tell you guys! Give me some time, okay?

Hopefully, by tomorrow.



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