Thursday, 17 December 2009

An Evening with QiuQiu 洪萩庭

I know...this post is LOOOOOOOONNNGGG overdue, but I've been out and about so much these past few days everything is still spinning for me~ =D and I just recovered from a badly inflamed swollen red eye. It's still pinkish, but at least it's not oozing pus and swollen or sore, so I'm happy. Also, I just got the photoshopped pictures from my best friend (For the uninitiated, that's Miss 洪萩庭). My FIRST EVER PHOTOSHOPPED PICTURES ON MY BLOG LEH!!!! 抢先看!

Here goes....

I told you Wei Lie was supposed to help us take pictures but he was summoned back early for his shoot so we had to take pictures of each other instead right? Yeah, so we did, and I was quite impressed with QT's Photoshop skills. She managed to blend 2 pictures to make 1!

Loving this picture of us~~
She first took a picture of me, then I went to the (almost) exact place where she stood and took a pic of her. And tadah! Nice!

I love Arab St...that area has so many of these nice old shop/house fronts...and they give me that back-in-the-good-old-days kinda feel~


This one's taken with my camera instead of hers, with different settings. As you can see, the colours are more vivid so the whole feel's different from the ones she took. =)
This one's un-photoshopped though...
I'll stick to posting those she took so this post feels more consistent. More on my pictures another time!

This one's cute. You can see her half of the picture on her blog.

I first knew Qiuting when we were both contestants in the Mr and Ms Singapore Polytechnic Pageant 2005 (MMSP). Thanks to the guys from SPSU, my application was entered without my knowledge. And thanks to the guys from SPSU who entered me in the competition, I now have this best friend whom I love so dearly...
Neither of us won the pageant (wonder, we were both runners-ups. But what we have now is something to smirk about. ;)

Beats any prize the pageant offers (the prize for that year's pageant was a MAJOR cock-up failure btw...)

We initially went hunting for this so we could use it in our photos...but somehow...halfway through the session they went missing, and we only like realised it a few days later! KUKU!!!! Lol~

I look like I'm half squatting-shitting with a playful

Then she decided to let down her hair just so she can have a different look...
She said she's used to looking messy so don't say I'm mean and posted her messy photos!

So I decided to change my hair too~ I tied mine up. She let hers down...


Hair check! Hmmm....okay please reserve your comments~~~ Lol~
The hairpiece belongs to her. And she got it for like $2.90!!!! You got to hand it to Qiuting for finding REALLY NICE cheap bargains, somehow....

She just made me look...what can I say? Wow...
I'm not saying I'm DAMN chio here okay...the focus is on the way the pictures turned out, plus her photo-editing skills. Of course...erm....a pretty model helps make the perfect picture too.... =P

I saw this 花草树木 thing on the wall and I just HAD to take a picture~
Yeah this is unedited...
I really should get my own copy of the software hor....

It was getting dark, so we adjourned to Bugis Street..... look for FISHBALLS!!!! hahaha~~

Best Friends Forever~~~

There's more, but I'll put up Part 2 another time okay? With my unphotoshopped photos...I just sent those to her...maybe she'll do something with them
We'll see....

Best Friends and Love,


  1. Really hope to see the unphotoshopped version,
    Haha..because these photoshopped photos are too 娃娃 dee..
    Looking forward to your natural chio face!

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