Saturday, 12 December 2009

An Afternoon (few hours) with 杨伟烈

The title sounds like some magazine competition "Win a date with our Eligible Bachelor" or some interview with a celebrity or something. Lol~

I started out wanting to blog about the camming session I told you about with Qiuting. BECAUSE We FINALLY MET UP!!!!!!!! Like, not bumped into each other on the streets or at some event or party or whatever, but MET UP!!!

Prior to that, I went for my riding practice, and had gone to visit Jerry (杨伟烈) at 《魔幻世界》's filming location as he apparently had a break of at least 5 hours because his next scene is a night scene.

《魔幻世界》's done by the same company which did 《Fun学去》 by the way~ (Refresh your memory for you - that's the kids' programme me and Sugie are currently hosting and is on air every Sunday, Channel 8, at 10am.) That's Wawa Pictures! Which ALSO did 《一切完美》 and 《一切完美2》! They produce such great work! (I'm not saying so because I am their artiste okay...I genuinely feel so, which was one of the reasons I signed on with them.)

So looking forward to the show!!!

Anyway~~back to my intended content.

I said I started out wanting to blog about the session with QT right? But because I met 2 good friends on one same day, I shall separate the meeting Jerry and meeting QT into 2 blog posts as I feel they should be given individual blog post attention.

See how much I value them?

猜猜那位狼狈不堪的 uncle-looking person 是谁?

Eh I'm not some mean person who's poking fun at a poor hospital patient okay? I don't do stuff like that lor~

It's Jerry 杨伟烈!!!!

我们还算挺有缘的 - 2005年在 Teenage Icon 首次碰面。虽然有印象, 但当年彼此都对对方不熟,也没说过话。 2年后又在 Be A Star 比赛见面- 他是参赛者,我是嘉宾,对他的歌唱实力刮目相看。之后又有机会一起同台在Heeren 的 atrium 合唱 “天天夜夜”。当年的我歌唱实力马虎的不行, 跟他合唱压力好大~

他唱歌很棒喉~~~ ^.^


也不知曾几何时我们变成了朋友 (好像是今年的事), 不时会一起去喝咖啡,唱唱 ktv (这时的我可能歌唱技巧进步了,和他唱歌也没像以前那样stressed到要命了。)

I have no idea how come I suddenly switched to Chinese~ haha~ I shall switch back to being bilingual for the benefit of my non-Chinese-literate readers. =D

 自拍 angle FAIL!

 Angle PASS!
But he's got a spastic expression...not sure if it was done on purpose though...if not...erm...yah, SORRY JERRY!!! (I feel weird addressing him as I shall now refer to him as either Wei Lie or 伟烈 okay? That's how I always call him la~)

 Trying to act like a beng still trying to acting seh even after becoming injured...

 He looks short here....but he's not okay?
超搞笑的 pose...

WHAT?!!! 我的笑点很低不可以昧?


空手来探班还偷吃人家的 goreng pisang~
It was one of the best goreng pisangs I've had in years man...most I ate in recent years were somehow always either lao hong, not crispy, or just not nice...this one was SEDAP~~~

Time to change location!
The shoes were damn gross la! Dunno why he chose to use it as a prop for the picture...and the company-sponsored water... I suspect he's got a serious inferiority complex so he purposely acts salah because, well, acting 帅 would require more effort to look convincing....

See what I mean?

Kidding la! I think he looks fine the way he is! =D
Not to mention he makes me laugh. A lot. Almost every time we go out. So I'm HAPPEE to have him as a friend!! ;)

Out of nowhere, he sprouted this question:
“Eh, 你的酒窝比较深还是我的比较深啊?”

We've never compared dimple sizes before (not that many people have the chance to since not everyone has them~) and I could only see his and him mine right? So we decided to take a picture:

and then I said
Eh? Wait.....WAHAHAHAHAHA~~!!!
I'm just commenting on what I saw, but as soon as the words came out, he gave me a weird look, and we both burst out laughing!
Him “不是应该这样的昧?”

But it's TRUE!!!! Mine is a round hole what...and his is 一条 one ma....

Because he had a long break right? So after checking that he's REALLY not needed in the next 3 hours, I dragged him with me to meet Qiuting. At the same time, we could use a photographer ma~~ If not I take her she take me then photoshop together damn shiong one you know! I was sparing a thought for Qiuting, as well as relieving Wei Lie from doing-nothingness. So thoughtful hor?

Thing was, he was still in his hospital patient clothes when I dragged him to Arab Street...

He looks wrong in this setting, but he's very sporting!

He kept acting like he 中风 at Arab Street.
 But I love his spontaneity!

QT's a damn spontaneous person too~! Love these friends....

Somehow shortly after we arrived (like, within an hour?), the production crew called for him to go back as they wanted to do the shoot soon...and it wasn't even nightfall yet (It wasn't even 5pm!). Guess they found a way to make the scene look night-ish. And so he went back..

Me and QT ended up taking pictures of each other, ourselves....sigh~

But I think we took some really nice pictures~ I'll get more pictures from her...then I'll share them with you soon k?

I'm tired already....

Birthdays, Spontaneity, and Love,

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  1. Haha, when u really smile, yours also 一条 wat..Check out the 3rd & 4th Pic.
    I realised it coz mine also 一条 when I smile genuinely, 一个洞 when I act cute!
    But doesn't matter la, u look cute! 是美的 Lor..