Monday, 30 November 2009

K's Housewarming

I love gatherings!

Especially when you get to catch up with people you've spent loads of time with during a period of your life, like school, or work, or during a competition, or something.

Yesterday I attended K's housewarming! K's this guy whom I had a crush on for the looooooooongest time when I was in poly. (WHAT, cannot have crush issit???? I'm not the like means go all out and chase after kind of girl ok?!) We were friends in the Students' Union. Due to being in the executive committee together, the SPSU (SP Students' Union) spent a LOT of time together, preparing for camps, events, meetings, yada yada...and for some reason, quite a few of us ex-co members stay in Woodlands, so we'll always head home together on the MRT. *reminisce~~~~~*

He didn't move very far - Sembawang. And it was to an area I like very much....


I simply love this place, for the serenity, the quiet, seaside, the away-from-civilization beauty.
Quite contrary to what many people think, I'm not quite the clubber. I hate crowds. I look like I'm a party animal (thanks to my dad who gave me this face la) who loves shopping. I know. =(

BUT REALLY, I'm someone who loves to be with a few close friends rather than a big group of acquaintances; reading; taking walks by the beach; bringing my dog out; spending time with friends; watching movies or the tv (though I hardly get to watch tv for some reason - maybe cos my TV is in my living room and the living room is hot and there is no air-con or fan there).
I watched TV for the longest time yesterday though, because his living room is soooooo nice and comfortable (mainly the

The very enticing and strategically-placed TV...just waiting to be watched...hahaha!

Eh I realised I didn't take many pictures! HOW COULD I????? Grr.....
Hate it when I don't have pictures to bring out a I'll make less points today....*grouchy*

Oops...that's his dad... =P
My point here is...I love plants in the house! Gives the house some life~
Yeah I and my feng shui....

The very nice dining area~ Ahhh~~~ Fruits on the table...
It's these little little details that make all the difference~
*thumbs up!*

What is that????

You have to imagine my reaction okay...

Me: (hoping in front of that grey door) OH MY GAAAAAD OH MY GAAAAAAAAAAAAD

K: (watching with amusement) Ya.

Me: (still jumping in front of the lift) OHHHH MAAII GAAAAAAAAD!!!!

Yeah...I know! You'd think that this ex-air-stewardess would have seen it all...
No man.... yesterday, I feel swakoo like shit.... lol...

Anyway, he took me for a tour around the house through all 4 levels....and I cleverly forgot my cam~ Sorry peeps!
BUT I made him assure me I will get a chance to go again *grins from ear to ear*

I had a GREAT time chatting with his folks...I think I have a natural affinity with friends' parents. ;)
Or maybe it's just his folks.........

NO LAAAA~~~~ *waves my hand casually* I click with elders. *nods firmly*

And of course, I had a GREEEEAAAAT time rebonding with friends I've not seen in years!

as the empty bottle of wine and glasses prove it...

By the way....this is really good stuff
Brown Brothers Moscato Rosa
It's a sweet sparkling white rose~ *slurp*

That's K's brother Joseph sipping the delicious Moscato~

Our dear Matthew doesn't like bubblies....

No, he DOESN'T like bubblies........

This Cabernet Sauvignon looks more promising....

 and at this point Joey makes an enquiry.....I think....turns out they both studied a bit of wine...
I did too okay! Thanks to SQ~! ;)

"This, my dear, is then the good stuff.... "

See? Matt feels better already just talking abt this wine! He's not frowning!!!!!!

The best part? I didn't take ANY pictures of myself nor with K. The whole lot of you must be curious, those who're not in our K looks like~
Lol...oh well~ You'll get a chance....

Buay gam wan never take picture in his

Tadah! Next time~! Bye!


  1. Matthew was still in SP when u r studying there? keke..

  2. No la! But he was close to Joseph, who was Kelvin's brother, and Kelvin was SPSU president during my time. =)