Saturday, 5 December 2009

Weird Imposters...

I was googling myself one day (just for the heck of it and cos I was really bored that day) and got a few interesting finds, one of which, on, disturbed me quite a bit:

 What the heck?
"I am the famous madpoh in sgforum.
I am Silver Ang Zi Hui of Project Superstar2005."
Nothing better to do izzit????
And the best part, this retard USED MY F#^&ING msn email!!!!! KNN!!!!!
No wonder I was receiving weird requests from strangers...okay, the requests were not weird, but the fact that strangers suddenly come and request to add me to their msn is very weird what!

By the way, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO add me on msn just like that. Especially if I do not know you.
Same goes for my facebook, friendster, email, or whatever. Anyway, that email account is no longer in use, meaning I'm just leaving it there to rot and grow maggots and hopefully get eaten by the maggots alive...; my friendster account is no longer in use, same thing, left to rot and hopefully decompose into more useful matter; and my facebook does not use the above-mentioned email address.
You can leave me messages on my blog, or my facebook. I WILL READ THEM. Just don't request for me to add you, okay? Anyway, I don't really like to go into facebook at the moment, due to some reasons stated in a previous blog post. SO DON'T BOTHER ASKING ME TO ADD YOU ON FACEBOOK, cos there is nothing more you will read in FB than you will read here.



Then...I went further on to read other posts by that arsehole "madpoh" who claimed to be Silver Ang.
Why am I so sure it's a he?

Read on:

You probably can't see. Here's the first post:

"Every since last sunday when after I had sex with a girl and torture her which makes me so high that I have nose bleed. After that my nose stop bleeding already but still keep on having runny nose until today.

Eat all sorts of medicine already but still cannot recover.

How now to stop the running nose?"

Cringe. I was cringing through the full post of bad grammar. And I was cringing having to REPRODUCE the above post in writing just so you guys can read it~

URGHH~~~~ *shivers*
What's wrong with him???

By the way, stuff a tampon up your nostrils, dude. *rolls eyes 372346345745623 degrees inside my sockets*

Then, the 4th post:

"What will happen when you are fucking a girl when she is having menustration?

Must be very fun because can take her blood and wipe it on her face and than make her drink the blood"

Help!!!!! I wonder, before I found this post, how many freaking people have read this and thought that Silver Ang is some retarded psychopath lesbian with bad grammar who loves having sex with girls during their "menustration"!!!!!!

Oh my gawdd!!!!!

I decided I CANNOT let my reputation wither and go down the sewage like that, so I decided to sign in with the forum just so I could clear my name. I offered this:

"Okay, I have no idea who this person who started this thread is, but he's definitely not Silver Ang... =.=" (get a life~)

For those who're really keen on knowing Silver, here's her blog =)"

Hope this helps~ bleah~~~

I DO NOT have sex with girls during their "menustration" and take their blood and wipe their faces "and than" make them drink the blood, okay?

I do not.

God bless~


  1. You know what they say, imitation is the best form of flattery =D
    - Mi

  2. Gal don't bother about those pple who have nothing better to do lah..


  3. Hey, you, Miss Adorable... Wanna nekk with me in Heaven Above? Why not? I'd sure love to be with you, holding you and love'n you (besides, I go head-over-heels for Orientall women). God bless you --- As you very well know, we cannot do anything here because we ain't married; however, Upstairs in Heaven I'm having a BIG-ol party-hardy celebrating our resurrection. RSVP, babe.

  4. walauweiii..sick people!! dun have anything to do..