Friday, 4 December 2009


Yesterday morning has got to be the sway-est ever~

I got so involved with packing n blogging the night before that I forgot the time and ended up not sleeping at all, then because I got to leave the house by 5:45 to catch the bus to work, I decided I shall make myself a hot tea with milk.

Which I did, then I decided to change up, during which I found a *GASP!!!* stupid mosquito bite on my left eyebag!!!!!!! NOW WHICH IDIOTIC STUPID HELL OF A MOSQUITO BITES PEOPLE ON THE EYEBAGS ONE???????

It was 5:25 now, and makeup would be at 7:30am later. Will the bite go away by then?  One eyebag already looks bad. I'll end up with one bigger eyebag than the other!!! I was in too much distress and frantic frenzy to take a picture of the said image. But it probably looks like this:

Me looking super tsui and overall-y pissed off.
Thank god I don't have red blood-shot eyes to go with the said look...

Then, never mind. Cursing and swearing at the mosquito (I hope it gets piles from poking people on inappropriate places, like their eyebags, or nipples, or something....), I decided I shall boil myself 2 eggs to bring out for lunch later.

When the eggs were cooking, I went to make my bed.
As I was doing my duvet, my duvet accidentally knocked over the cup of hot tea (with milk) and the tea ended up on the bed at a corner. And I forgot to mention this: I had just changed my sheets about 5 hours ago. KNN!!!!!!!!!! Haven't even gotten a chance to sleep on it leh!!! %^$%&!^%^%@#%!!!!!!! AND MY HARRODS TEDDY IS NOW TEA-SOAKED!!!!!! ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!

Cursing and swearing more....

I decided the more important Harrods Teddy shall be cleaned up first, so I ran to the kitchen basin to wash it up...lucky the stains came off pretty easily....which cheered me up a slight bit. I switched off the gas for the eggs, and proceeded to clean up my bed, the sheets, the pillowcase affected, and the floor around my bed.

Fast forward---->

Everything's clean (okay...not entirely...but I was rushing cos it's like 5:45 ALREADY!!!). My bedsheets, I shall come home n change them la. Then my duvet? URGH~ I just threw them onto the floor so that tmr (which is today) I can bring it to the drycleaners. NO DUVET FOR ME last night!!! U can imagine how hard it was to sleep without one, despite me only having the windows open and fan on.

I rushed out.
By the time I walked to the bus stop. I realised something.
MY EGGS WERE STILL IN THE POT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You can imagine that my eyes rolled all the way to my arse at the un-smooth-ness (I don't think there's such a word, but I don't care cos u know what I'm talking about despite the word not existing....ah~ the power of understanding~~~~) of my early 2nd morning. And I didn't sleep....

Off to work~


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