Monday, 14 December 2009

Xiaxue Is Getting Married!!!

OH MAN~~!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!!!! When I saw her tweet saying she's officially engaged, I GASPED! Lol~ You know she's like The Blogger right? Anyway I've been busy these few days, I haven't got time to blog. And I told myself once I get the chance, I'm gonna read her's and Cheesie's blog and BLOG ABOUT IT!!! Lol~~~~!!! And guess what! QT BEAT ME TO IT!!! Lol~ (No updates on XX's blog yet waiting!!!)

Anyway, Mike (her fiance...omg suddenly it's FIANCE!!!!) was SOOOOOOO sweet and romantic!!!! One day I hope my Prince will be even sweeter...(WHAT??? DREAM CANNOT MEH??? MAYBE WILL HAPPEN ONE OKAY!!!) Go read Cheesie's blog now to understand the whole thing!!! It's so "AAAWWWWWWWWW"~~~

*Envious until~~~~~~~*

Congrats to Xiaxue and Mike! May you have a BEAUTIFUL WEDDING ahead!
(I'm so looking forward to it already! Haha!)


  1. Is Xiaxue a stewardess?

  2. Oh man!!! NO my dear!! Xiaxue is THE Blogger!
    Her blog's if you're still not sure who she is.

    FYI, she's the inspiration behind many bloggers today! ;)