Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Xmas!

Hello! I'm in a mad rush to pack now so I can fly to like, Hong Kong later. Got loads to tell you (what's new? Yah I know I know I've been missing...SORRY!!!!!)

I've got loads of stuff to write about I think the next 2 days you shall see quite a few entries...(if I'm not too busy with my other best friend in Hong Kong).

For now, very very important advice:

Do NOT, under ANY circumstance, watch Storm Warriors (aka 风云2). It's crap. Worse than the Halloween 2 I told you guys abt before. DO NOT WATCH IT. Spend your 10 bucks on like...I dunno...mail it to me or something. Or go give them to the buskers. Or buy those glow sticks I'm sure many places will sell these few days, or that Xmas hat hair clip those guys in town are selling to raise funds for I can't remember what purpose already. Just don't bother with 风云2. I dozed off 3 times (at least). You can go watch Treasure Hunter. At least Jay Chou and 曾志伟 are funny and 林志玲 is eye candy.

I'll tell you more when I get to Hong Kong okay?


Love, Peace, Joy, Santa Claus, and Presents,

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