Friday, 25 December 2009

Xmas (Disappointing) Countdown in Hong Kong

MERRY XMAS!!!!!!!!

Am in Hong Kong now, having been awake for more than 45 hours and witnessed the most disappointing Xmas countdown ever~

Can you believe like people were at The Avenue of the Stars area (at Nathan Road), the roads were blocked up, police were in the middle of the road, everyone was expecting SOMETHING, like, ANYTHING, to happen, yet nothing did?

You'd have thought SOMETHING was planned right? Like some performance of sorts, or fireworks, or SOMETHING~~~

Yah...even the moments to Xmas, and the moments after.....were just people standing there, waiting....waiting....waiting.....and then, it's like 00:05 already, and NOBODY took the initiative to countdown. There was like....just....waiting..... =.="

Even the police couldn't take the initiative to tell people there was no performance or anything like that (which didn't really warrant the roads being was barricaded like National Day and the president was coming or something...)
Then people just started leaving...

Damn anti-climax man......

So we decided to go the area just outside of Avenue of the Stars...

I heard that buildings were decked up in Xmas lighting decorations every this time of the year~

Anyway, I was telling you guys about 风云2 and how you should not waste your time on it and that I would blog about it right? I've yet to find appropriate pictures to aid in my article, but if you've friends who've watched it, I'm sure they can tell you how =.=" the show is. Yup it's so bad it didn't render just me, but almost everyone in the theatre hall, speechless when the show ended. Many people were like fidgeting after the first half of the show...and if you're someone impatient, you should leave within 1 hour. More on that if I can find pictures..Going to concuss now~

Presents!!!! and Santa Claus,

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  1. haha i was there too! and yep the avenue of stars was disappointing, there wasn't even any loud anouncement to countdown together.

    though i heard there's fireworks at canton road that night and some performance.