Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Ad: Young Hearts Casual Wear - Snow Angel Collection

Christmas is just round the corner!!!! My gosh, time FLIES~~~Last Christmas (doesn't feel too long ago) I was celebrating Christmas in Hong Kong with Junhao and Huiyu...and last year this time I remember Xiaxue got engaged...last year this time I got hitched too. Fast forward one year...I'll leave those for another post...

My point here is...Christmas is coming again!!! It's the only time of the year when I actually feel like giving, even more than birthdays. Shops are stocked full of happy gifts and decorated with Christmas pine trees and pretty ornaments and Christmas carols playing from their stereo... Ah~ Certainly gets one chirpy and in the mood to get someone nice a little something. =)

Sadly, I haven't started my Christmas shopping, having told myself I'd do so a month ago (I so hate being a procrastinator...) I have, however, done a little something to my room...

Previously it was just a plain boring off-white wall. And I seriously believe I'm going to spend Christmas at home, without a party.

So I'm actually glad that Young Hearts has proudly sponsored me their Snow Angel collection of loungewear to be nicely home-dressed for Christmas. No tight tops, uncomfortable dresses, party attire that looks weird without heels (no one wears heels at home, and if the look was meant to be completed with heels I'd look and feel half-dressed). And I'm so loving the new collection, this time in a nice shade of light purple. =D

I'm quite excited to show you what they have....for some reason... =DD
Okay la maybe because I'm a purple person. And because I received 3 different sets for this collection which I can share with you~ <3

First up is a dress. This dress reminds me of when I was a little girl. Remember how your Mummy would buy dresses for you that look somewhat like this? Not the Chinese New Year or wedding dinner dresses la. But those which you can wear every other day for shopping trips with the them or just out for dinner. Yah, THOSE dresses. This one looks and feels like one of those. *感觉又回到小时候~~~*

And guess who caught me camwhoring in the act....

 I think he likes what I'm wearing... ^.^

 A close-up on the collar details. I love the little flowers which look like snowflakes. And the lace collar. =)

And here's the skirt~

Now for the 2-piece~

 The frilly ends of the top and the shorts create an interesting fluffy bottom design.

 The Snow Angel herself.

Okay okay, and now for my FAVOURITE SET OF THE WHOLE COLLECTION!!!!!!! *squeals*

 Looks like a normal spag top? Ha~~~ look again~~~

It's a romper!!!!!!!!!

LURVE rompers!!!! Other than the fact that going to the toilet is a bit of a hassle (not too bad when you're at home actually), rompers are super convenient and easy to wear (and take off). Plus when you sleep, there's no such thing as the top rolling up to expose your stomach (or worse when it rolls higher...hell forbid no...) and there's no such thing as the skirt/dress riding up to reveal what's underneath either. PERFECT for bringing to that year-end chalet gathering~ ;)
Casual, sweet, yet safely protects your modesty. Mmm~~~ I like~~~

The Snow Angel looks kinda cute, like an Ah Ma but with a young face, and a button in her hair as a hair accessory~ ^^

This romper set includes an optional cardigan which I so love. It has kept me warm for days when I'm just working on my lappie in the romper. Plus~ It's perfect to just 'lup' on when Mr Postman knocks to make a delivery~  No mad scramble to change, or, you know girls, look for that bra... =P

 Comes with side pockets on both sides~

Like me, who's staying home this Christmas? And what? You're going to be in T-shirts and shorts??????? Like, old school / lao lao T-shirts which you should have thrown away long ago????? Oh god please tell me no. When there are clothes from Young Hearts that you can happily dress up at home in, there's no reason to look sloppy and auntie-ish, especially during Christmas.

To help you, here's a little e-voucher you can print out:
 Right-click, open in new tab, and print. ;)

Get 25% off your Young Hearts Casual Wear purchase at any of their outlets:
  • Young Hearts North Point, #02-37
  • Young Hearts Yew Tee, #01-23
  • Young Hearts Jurong Point, #02-40A/B
  • Intimate Closet AMK Hub, #B1-42/43
  • Intimate Closet Hougang Mall, #01-32/33
  • Intimate Closet Tampines Mall, #02-16A 

Valid until 31st December only, so hurry!!!!!


Because I never used to wear nice stuff at home. Other than lao lao T-shirts/ T-shirts that kena dyed due to some clothes colour-running in the wash/T-shirts with stains that cannot be removed. In other words, T-shirts that could no longer be worn out. Paired with shorts so old that they have holes. Now I've a great collection of pretty loungewear for home, I will NEVER look like some ah sum at home again~ *happy*

Need a refresher of the Young Hearts Collections I've shared so far? =)
All very distinctive. All very pretty, right? =D

Now go get your favourite Young Hearts loungewear~ Go on~~~ *nudge* Don't forget the voucher~
 And share with me should you start being their fan too, will you? *wink*


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