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Ad: Young Hearts Casual Wear - Dynamic Blooms Collection

Crazy lots of pictures to make up for the number of days I didn't blog before and during my HK trip. Was going to do this in Hong Kong but I brought the wrong set of casual wear along. *smartass* But oh well~

Silver is back officially my dears~ ;)

I swear I've never been such a PJ person before this. But that was because PJs used to mean huge Tweety Bird nightdresses which look like this:

This already doesn't look too bad. I mean, it's not just...won't make me want to purposely change into it just to sleep...

Or Batik Bor (cloth) made into this:

I've seen my aunt wear it, and it's really really comfy, but still, not anything I would purposely buy just to wear at home or sleep in. Maybe I will, just not the batik print I guess...Or maybe I won't...aiyah you know...that kind that makes you really wonder if you will wear it?

BUT give me sleepwear or homewear that makes me look pretty and feel sexy? That's a different story. I love the sexy lacy lingerie sleepwear, like the kind from Victoria Secrets, but honestly, if I have family members in the house, it can be awkward wearing those at home. Especially if you have Ah Mas and Ah Gongs. So I usually leave those for overseas trips alone, or with The Boyfriend. Wearable pieces for the home (with other family members around)? I have been lucky enough to be exposed to Young Hearts' different ranges of casual wear that's cute, pretty, sexy, and comfortable. And this time, I'm impressed by the collection that I'll be sharing with you...

How does this look? The material's so soft and comfy~

Love the flower~ This collection's called Dynamic Blooms, so plenty of these pretty flowers on the casual loungewears~ =D

 It's layered, with lace detailing in the middle.

 And the bottom!!! It looks like a little pretty floral skirt, but it's actually a pair of shorts!


The thing about dressing up and costumes is that once u're in that attire, it gets u into a specific mood. Wear something pretty, and you'll immediately feel pretty. Wear something cute, and it puts u in that mood. (Tip: This works especially well if you have makeup nicely done already.) Wearing this makes me feel cute, sexy, and flirty all at once. Too bad I only have Alton to flirt with.... (and he'll probably just think Mummy's being sampat...)

And I think this one's really so pretty I don't mind wearing it out. Pair the skirt-shorts with a white/beige spaghetti-strap or tank top, and it looks pretty decent. Pair the top with a pair of jeans, and I'm good to head to town! =D

 What did I say..? ;)

 Tie your hair up for a different look.


 The straps are adjustable to you don't have to worry if the arm hole is too big/too small for you. =)

Throw on a cardigan, and VOILA~~~~

Good for work, or school, or just heading out. This is great for girls like me who NEVER plans what to wear the next day, then often oversleeps and has morning mad rushes to head out of the house whilst still having to decide what to wear. Wake up, throw on jeans and cardigan. Out I go! Makeup can do when I reach school. Lol~ (That's so typically me in my poly days...bleah~)


 *Trying to act like I just woke up*

(Still at it....) Lol...alright alright I'll cut it out. =P

Btw you guys notices the row of flowers???

 This is how the hem looks. Pretty?

Warning: Below is a series of camwhore shots taken because I was enjoying rolling around on the bed so much in the casual wear. For not too mature audiences (because they may not stand!!!!)

 Love the cupcake soft toy. Bought it in New York's Toys R' Us in 2007 when I was flying. So pweeteee~~~


Okay, more~~~

What...different set la~ Don't close the browser on me okay! Tsk~
 Another pretty top!!!

Pair it with the skirt shorts, and tuck it in. Can go out already!!! Really??? Is this really home casual wear for kooning????? Because it's so convenient for the overslept mornings!!!!

 Yes, I'm obsessed with the cupcake. Plus, the colours SOOOO match...LOL~

Like this collection of casual wear from Young Hearts? 

How much?
  • (Y18-200342) Cami top - $42.90
  • (Y18-200343) Short sleeve top - $45.90
  • (Y18-200344) Dress - $59.90
  • (Y18-200345) Shorts - $39.90 
And where from?
  • Young Hearts North Point, #02-37
  • Young Hearts Yew Tee, #01-23
  • Young Hearts Jurong Point, #02-40A/B
  • Intimate Closet AMK Hub, #B1-42/43
  • Intimate Closet Hougang Mall, #01-32/33
  • Intimate Closet Tampines Mall, #02-16A

 Get them, at a discounted price!!! There is an islandwide promotion of Buy 3 Get 1 Free (free item of equal or lower value)! It's very wu hua (worth it) if you intend to get the whole set! But if you just want 1 or 2 pieces, you can always count on me....

If you've seen the previous Young Hearts post, there's an e-voucher. And JUST for my readers, the e-voucher is valid till 31December2010. Here it is:

Just right click,open in new tab or new window, and print out the voucher! 25% is a lot of savings, so do remember to print out this voucher before heading out to make your purchase!

You can always visit to view the outlet locations as well as other pretty collections! ;)

That Silver Girl Who Still Loves Her Readers

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