Thursday, 25 November 2010

Ad: Young Hearts Casual Wear - Candy Shower Collection


I'm getting so many pretty casual wear pieces from Young Hearts that I feel spoilt~ This new collection is by far my FAVOURITE~~~ Candies, Ferris Wheels, Teacups, Cupcakes, and Carousels~ All things sweet and sugary and pretty and nice~ *squeals*

And guess what? This collection is only released TODAY (25th Nov) so you guys reading this before the shops are open? You are the first to see it! *squeals louder*

 Sweet sugary colours~ Makes me feel all girly and sweet and sugary wearing it~ ^.^

 Candy ribbon~

There're lollipops all over~ and sweets. 
And PRETTY PINK LACE!!!!!!!! Aiyoh 甜到~~~~

 All my favourite things. Or rather, every girl's favourite things~

 Pretty lace trimmings at the hem~ I love Young Hearts!!! They really make me feel 16 again~ 
(Though I'm only 21 la~ Always will be. *wink*)

 Now for the 2-piece set~ I love how they always come in a choice of either 2-piece sets or a 1-piece dress. Cos every girl have their own little preference. Of cos, for those who love the sexy and girly feel of sleeping in a dress, as well as the convenience of a 2-piece (like me...), it's ALWAYS hard to make a choice. You can always get both I guess? ;)

All your favourite things now on the top. Complete with the candy ribbon now on the left of your chest.

 And the shorts! I love Young Hearts 2-piece set shorts~ Simply because they always make me smile when I turn around...

 Curious? =D

I'm going to show you something very private okay...I don't show people stuff like this on the streets hor....

Ready ah?


好啦~ 我不是要你们看我的屁屁啦~ 重点是屁屁上穿的小裤子~
I've since noticed that most of their 2-piece shorts come with a back pocket on the right, but~~~~

 Okay sidetrack a bit. This makeup's the nude makeup that I talked about earlier in my tutorial video~ ;) 
I wanted the makeup for this post to be more bedroom-fresh and 清秀~ =)
Okay la also because I had makeup on earlier due to filming, and I was too lazy to redo the full makeup after removing my previous too-heavy makeup. Cos after I finish this post I need to remove makeup AGAIN. 
And I didn't want to spoil the post by posting panda pictures~ 

But~ 清秀也是美嘛~

Okay back to Young Hearts~

You know from the previous Young Hearts post that I have this cupcake soft toy I got from New York Toys'R'Us right?

Thing is, I have another soft toy Ice Cream in the same series~~~

I'm not a sweet tooth person. I was, when I was a kid, but for the past 10 years, I stopped liking sweet stuff. Even chocolates MUST be dark chocolates. (Eh but only people with taste like Dark Chocolates hor.) But I just love these sweet things like the soft toys....and sweet nothings whispered into the ear, and sweet gestures like flowers and hugs and kisses ^.^ ~ 
Abstract sweetness won't make me put on weight~ ;)

Lacy frills are everywhere~ And the lace is not those itchy itchy kind like those pong pong dresses our mums used to make us wear when we were 3.  This lace is soft, and feels really comfy against the skin. Aiyah you need to check it out yourself to understand what the hell I'm talking about.

And I'm so proud of the designs, because it's done right here in Singapore~~~

Yup! Young Hearts is entirely Singaporean! Which means all these pretty designs were done by a group of creative minds right here in our small but mighty island~ I'm so so so so proud.

 The sweet on the front left of the shorts.

Silver Ang 'favourited' this collection. ;)

Want to get your hands on them?

How much?
  • (Y18-200281) Short sleeve dress - $59.90
  • (Y18-200282) Short sleeve top - $45.90
  • (Y18-200283) Shorts - $39.90
And where from?
  • Young Hearts North Point, #02-37
  • Young Hearts Yew Tee, #01-23
  • Young Hearts Jurong Point, #02-40A/B
  • Intimate Closet AMK Hub, #B1-42/43
  • Intimate Closet Hougang Mall, #01-32/33
  • Intimate Closet Tampines Mall, #02-16A

 Yes that e-voucher is STILL valid. And will continue to be valid until 31st December 2010. So here it is:

Yah the voucher size is a bit off, but you don't print it out from here la. Click on the voucher, right-click and click on "Open in New Tab", then print out THAT one to be used in the shops mentioned above.

Sugar n Spice n Everything Nice,

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