Thursday, 9 December 2010

Ad: Young Hearts Casual Wear - Let It Snow Collection

New arrival from Young Hearts!!! And just in time for the winter season, too~~~ (not that we have winter, but hey, get into the mood!!!)

 Mr Snowman, snowflakes, and candy canes!!!

I've been lounging around in these the whole day, writing my blog posts, reading through my scripts, playing with Alton...

 That's me sitting in front of my lappie~

And of course, there's the 2-piece set I later changed into after my shower...

 Notice the calefare in the background? Lol~ Yes he was staring while I took pictures for this post. The thing about Alton is that once he sees that I've changed into something nice, it means I'm heading out, and he would start barking non-stop at me. Was what he was doing...staring and barking at me the whole time...
Think he deemed the loungewear too nice and thought I was going out without

There's a cute ice-skating bird on the left side of the top. Have I ever told you I used to be a figure-skater? I think everything has gone down the drain by now. I could do spins back then you know.... *reminiscing*

Okay I've moved on....

 The shorts!

And the birds~ So lovey-dovey....awww~~~

 Notice that this collection comes with ribbons with pom pom ends!!!

 As if that's not enough? They've got long-sleeved tops and 3/4 pants for the colder nights (when you decide to blast your aircon and simulate

 Want your own? Get them from all good Young Hearts stores!

How much?

  • Short sleeve dress - $59.90
  • Short sleeve top - $49.90
  • Shorts - $35.90
  • Long-sleeved top - POA
  • 3/4 pants - POA

And where from?
  • Young Hearts North Point, #02-37
  • Young Hearts Yew Tee, #01-23
  • Young Hearts Jurong Point, #02-40A/B
  • Intimate Closet AMK Hub, #B1-42/43
  • Intimate Closet Hougang Mall, #01-32/33
  • Intimate Closet Tampines Mall, #02-16A

Remember to print out the e-voucher specially made for you, my dearest readers~ ;)

Right-click on the picture, open in new tab, print, and use! =D

I'm someone always looking for discount coupons or coupon codes when I'm shopping online. Can save, why pay more, right? Now, go on...have fun shopping! *Muackies*

P/s. And don't forget to share the coupon with your friends! ;)

Your dearest Silver


  1. Hi Silver, I'm planning on getting a King Charles Cavalier as well, and I was wondering, do you need to walk him everyday? Seems like they're a medium sized breed and should be walked at least once a day but it'll be great to get some feedback from a real owner of one! Thanks :)

  2. Hey Belinda,

    They love to play, and would of course love to be brought down daily, but of course, on days that I shoot until very late, or when it's raining, I don't bring him down, and as long as he's got my company and attention, he's just as happy. =) CKCs are very human-affection dogs~