Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Rest of My Hong Kong Trip

For those who are interested, you can read about the first 3 parts of my Hong Kong trip first (if you haven't done so already)

Like I mentioned, I didn't explore too much of Hong Kong outside Disneyland,  but we did walk around a bit, and I'll share that bit of Hong Kong I explored with you~

New York isn't the only city which never sleeps. So is Singapore, and I recently found out, Hong Kong too. Our 3rd and 4th day in Hong Kong was on Saturday and Sunday, and you CANNOT imagine how squashed I felt. It was almost claustrophobic.

At 11pm the streets were still bustling with people, shops were still open...
And there was a Sasa on EVERY street. All very crowded. Human beings were EVERYWHERE, especially in Causeway Bay, Mongkok, Tsim Sha Tsui... scary~~~

Inside their MTR stations, they have mtrshops... 
And I mean INSIDE...after you tap your card, before you get to the train platforms...

Got roadshow guys somemore...

And this particular fruit stall near my Hong Kong hotel (South Pacific Hotel, fyi) caught my attention.

You see those things hanging on top? They're fruit baskets! Why didn't our fruit sellers think of that? Or maybe have, but I don't know? Never seen it like this~

If you're a young female in Hong Kong (like me), you HAVE to go to Argyle Centre, aka Mongkok Centre 旺角中心. The finds there can be SO cheap you wonder why people even shop in shopping malls. It's a little like Bugis Street with MORE things spanning across the 5-storey mall. You can get denim shorts for what, 20HKD, which is about S$4??? Their 3 for $10 means our 3 for $2 hor... (S$1 = HK$5.80

Take the MTR to Mongkok, and then take exit D, look for Argyle Centre. Up the stairs, and you're there! ;) Happy shopping!!!

A few steps into the mall, you should see this on your left.

This is interesting food. You pick from a huge selection of ingredients, and the person at the counter will mix them up, ask you what sauce you want (I'm bad with choosing, so I usually tell them I want both the sauces, garlic and erm...I-dunno-what), and there! You have your own concoction of 百味~

All the stuff you can choose to make your 百味. The noodle is a must-have item for me. Yumm~~~

All the ingredients come in little packs like this. The person selling the stuff will then mix them up and present it to you in one single plastic bag, like this:


We also visited Avenue of the Stars! And watched the Symphony of Lights scheduled every night at 7pm (I think). I thought we were lucky. I tried to find out the timing of the Symphony of Lights at Avenue of the Stars, but the website didn't provide any info. So we just walked and slowly made our way there from Mongkok, and guess what? The moment we reached, it started! Talk about timing~ =D

There were handprints of all the most famous Asian stars~~~

 That's Jackie Chan's.

 Andy Lau's

 Maggie Cheung's

 Tony Leung's

 Michelle Yeoh's. Yishi, I took this for you hor!
(Yishi's this great friend of mine who LUUURRRVES Michelle ^.^)

 曾志伟's!!! That guy with the funny voice~ Lol~ 
The Hong Kong Disneyland Mickey Mouse sounds a bit like him.


Cecillia Cheung's

Got many more la, don't want to bore you to death. =P You can find the famous Bruce Lee statue there too~ But I didn't take pictures
  1. There were too many people waiting to take a picture with him, and 
  2. I'm not exactly a Bruce fan la...if it's Donnie Yen you will then probably (I say PROBABLY) catch me running and screaming to take pictures...

It was a nice cool night, and you will NEVER feel so shiok walking along Singapore River. Come on, 18,19 degrees celsius, complete with nice sea breeze? WOW~~~ I absolutely enjoyed myself just strolling through the Avenue...camwhoring as I go along...

 The thing about strong breezes...they make you look super chio...

 ...only if you catch the breeze in the right direction~~~

Thanks Wei Lie for putting off almost everything (his exams were coming and he's got school assignments and projects to rush during the time of this trip...he had to do double the work in less than half the time after we got back) to come with me for this trip. Though it was a sponsored trip, yes, but hey, we all know how annoying projects (especially group ones) and exams are. So...thanks Wei Lie! =D You've provided me with super-duper great company!!! (Though I didn't exactly do the same cos I kept preventing him from sleeping with my incessant chatter...kekeke~)

It's been a month since my trip, and I'm starting to miss it already. Mainly because I didn't get to go to Ocean Park this time round, and Lam Kwai Fong, and the outskirts of Hong Kong, and sit on a tram just to go to nowhere though we said we wanted to (not enough time..>.< )... Guess that gives me reason to go back? =)

Holidays Rock My Socks~


  1. Hi, you're lucky!!! I haven't gone back for almost 2 decades! That's a long time! I REALLY miss it but hey, gotta work and pay the bills. Thanks for the photos though.

  2. did u buy anything from Argyle Centre, aka Mongkok Centre 旺角中心 ? so they sell guys and ladies wear?

  3. I bought LOADS from Argyle Centre!!!! Every trip to Hong Kong saw me pay a compulsory visit and had me lugging back plenty of shoes and clothes from there!

  4. do they have like guys and gals stuff? how much roughly the price is over there? i saw hk web, we cant bring in more den 100 ml lotion? make up can bring?

  5. Mainly girls' stuff. Guys stuff u go outside to the street got more. Can bring in more than 100ml if you check those bottles in your luggage. Hand-carry onboard the plane must be all below 100ml. Makeup of course can bring la!!!!

  6. if hand carry, make up must also 100ml also? do u know how to cure acne scar? u are so pretty =D