Thursday, 30 December 2010

Hong Kong Disneyland!!!!! (Part 2)

Note: Post continued from Part 1 here.

DISNEYLAND!!!!!! *skips, hops, dances around* Okay in case you think I'm just trying to make the post interesting by incorporating these verbs, I am not. Ask Junhao and Huiyu when I went with them last year. Ask Wei Lie. I was skipping around Disneyland a lot. 找回童真的感觉真好~~~~

When you're there please please remember to get a copy of each of the Times Guide, as well the Guide Map. The Guide Map shows you the map of Disneyland, whilst the Times Guide shows what's happening where at what time.

Disneyland HK's divided into 4 parts, the first being Main Street, USA. This will be the area that first greets you when you enter Disneyland. 

 The streets of Disney...I love the shops best. Just because the exterior of the shops doesn't feel real at all. =)

The Gingerbread Village!!!! It'll be ready for Christmas! =D

So pretty lor the decorations~ We were slightly early for the Christmas decorations (up officially from 19Nov). I wonder how this year's Disney Christmas would look as compared to last year's.

Cannot go in take picture from outside also happy. ^^

Then there's Adventureland. This part of the Park's all about tribes, safaris, and all things uga-uga~ Like the Jungle River Cruise:

 For some reason I love how the light plays up the shadows in this picture. ;)

 Meet elephants which will attempt to spray water on you, hippos hiding in the water... (all fake ones of course)

 Gorillas taking over houses....

 And men chased up trees by rhinos...

Oh, there's fire and some water gushes too! Little ones are eligible for this ride, not to worry. Just keep them close so they don't drop into the water... (and I wonder how that is possible...unless you intentionally throw them offboard)

You can visit Tarzan's Treehouse~

 This was where he grew up...

 Meet inappropriately-dressed...TARZAN!!!! I feel shy seeing him so little-y clothed...

 But took a picture anyway~ LOL!!!

Trying to look like I'm actually reading, but no, I was just taking a picture. I wasn't registering the words AT ALL. Pro hor?

I've always wanted my own treehouse...think it was too much Enid Blyton...but hey...seeing one while I'm still a kid is still good~ (eh hem~ I'm forever young~~~~)

Have I grown prettier from last year? *grins*
Aiyoh...okok dunnid to answer...*blush* 超不要脸~

 Awww~~~that's the Mummy Gorilla carrying Tarzan when he was a baby~~~

Okay next, Fantasyland!
 This is where you'll find all things Princess-y and girly and sugary sweet and fairy-tale-ish...

Mad Hatter Tea Cups!

 The most harmless-LOOKING ride. If you're the type who gets dizzy easily, I say...TRY THIS ANYWAY!!! MUAHAHAH~~~ U won't fly out, don't worry. You'll just watch the world spin by you...while you spin...

 There's Zoe Raymond and her family! =)

I was supposed to help with turning the steering wheel so the cup can spin faster...but I was busy taking pictures la. Oh, when you're there and spinning VERY quickly in one direction, get everyone to help in SUDDENLY spinning the wheel the other direction. Damn shiok the sudden change in centrifugal force direction~


 Yup, the obvious "It's a Small World" ride. You'll sit through a ride that'll take you through the small world of happy children singing the song, er, "It's a Small World" throughout. A joyful ride especially for little kids. Because it's so colourful and happy. ^.^

 We're little kids too, so we're happy. ;)

 So pretty the hippo~~~

Then for POOH fans, there's a Winnie the Pooh storybook journey through the Hundred Acre Wood. Almost all rides are designed such that they are suitable for little kids, except maybe one, which I will talk about later. So if you're worried about what your little ones can do, fret not. Disneyland is meant for them, and for us to relive our childhood innocence. =)

 And what is that I spot???

 The Cinderella Carousel! 
A carousel is something all amusement parks WILL have!!! Like, if u think if a fairytale theme park like this, there will DEFINITELY be one of these~ =D

 I forgot to mention this: Even if you're in a wheelchair, you can go on most rides! Isn't that awesome? Even the Cinderella Carousel is wheelchair-friendly!

 Weee~~~~我是白马公主!!! *lame...*

What's Disneyland if you cannot see your favourite Disney character right? There's a Fantasy Garden inside Fantasyland, and you can take pictures with your favourite characters!!!

 Phihar Magic - One of the few sit-down shows in Disneyland. Perfect for resting your feet when you're too tired from all the walking in Disneyland. =)

 They'll hand u one of these 3D-glasses. Of cos we might be a bit used to more advances 3D-glasses thanks to the many 3D movies that have been coming to our theatres, but this show got me a bit more intrigued cos during the show you can feel wind blowing at you and water splashing onto you in accordance with the show~! Nice work, 视觉,听觉,触觉, 全包~

I'm going to pause here and come back with another post for the rest of Disneyland because there's so many more things to cover... ;) And also because I'm heading out for dinner now. =) Later~



  1. Everyone seems to be so happy when they go Disneyland! Guess it's becoz they feel child like again. :)

  2. why you keep blog the same post? Disneyland! you already post quite some time already, izzit because you got nothing to post!!!!

  3. Anon>> No la...because sponsored post need to be approved first...but I forgot and posted it's why...

  4. Yes u have grown prettier! Disneyland is such a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing!

  5. heyyo, nice 2 meet ya... where r u frm anyway?

  6. Anon May 7>> I hail from the tiny island of Singapore~

  7. Hi Silver Ang, thanks for sharing. Like the way you express yourselves. Take care and hope to see more of your photos soon!

  8. you really took a lot of photo there. hahaha

    disneyland is fun. i love playing there.