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Hong Kong Disneyland!!!!! (Part 3)

Hey hey! I'm back to continue on my post on Disneyland and Hong Kong!!! Part 3 in this 4-part series~ Lol~

Here are the earlier posts on Disneyland~

SoI talked about Adventureland and Fantasyland, and there's one more area of Disneyland which I'm sure will appeal most to the little boys, full of space characters and to infinity and beyond: Tomorrowland!!!

Guess who I caught!???

 Buzz Lightyear! He damn super poseur~ Lol~

 I had to do it...buttons are meant to be pressed ma, no? 

Okay, for certain rides where they expect really long queues, there are machines like these situated at the entrance of these rides, not necessarily looking like that of course:

 You insert your Disneyland Park ticket into the mouth (or wherever they ask you to),

 and get something known as a FastPass here.

It'll look something like this:
 And as stated, it can be used at the following rides:
  • Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters (where you sit on a ride, shoot at objects with a laser gun, and score points~ Basically a shooting ride.)
  • Space Mountain (FUN!!!!! Most thrilling ride in Disneyland~ Like a roller coaster, just without the loops)
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (Storytelling journey. Pooh fans won't want to miss this.)

Wei Lie kept asking me to go to Autopia...(it's a guy thing) Presented by car giant Honda, it's basically a no-brainer drive as you only need to step on the accelarator to move, plus there's a guided track so you will NEVER EVER EVER get to langa the kerbs. The most you can do is langa the car in front of you, but it's made for non-drivers without a licence, so that's taken care of with appropriate bumpers. Parents, this time you can sit back and relax the scenery while your little ones drive you around. Cool? ;)

 Getting into our car.

 I let Wei Lie do all the driving as I've tried driving it before last year already. Plus we were busy chatting about a really interesting topic and we didn't want to cut the flow of the conversation. Lol~ 
You must be wondering what the hell we were talking about. Keep guessing, I won't tell you~ WHAHAAH~~~

 Him trying to look seriously like he's driving. -.-" 
Oei! Guided track la~!!!

The trees and plants inside Autopia are shaped so cutely I couldn't resist taking pictures of the 'scenery', stuff I don't usually so while on a car ride..
 Ji liap ji liap one!!!

 See the tree in front!!!! Aiyoh so cute!!!!! *feel like pinching the tree*

Enjoy only~~~ Wee~~~

Even the shelter is a real tree hor fyi...shaped into a shelter. Creative to the max...
Trivia: the Autopia cars in Hong Kong Disneyland are the ONLY electric cars in ANY Disneyland driving attraction in the world. ;)

In Tomorrowland, there is also an attraction known as the Stitch Encounter. This one AMAZED my socks off (not literally of course...bawu leh...) Unfortunately for you, I didn't manage to take pictures. But I'll tell you why this is interesting:

You sit in front of a screen, and interact, in real time, with Stitch himself, except that it's like video conferencing, you know? Wei Lie didn't believe it was real time, and insists it's pre-recorded. Stitch must have somehow sensed it (LOL) and decided to talk to me. He asked for my name, and responded almost like how a real person would. He asked for my name, repeated my name after me, and even responded when I told him he has snort in his left nosril (he immediately turned the other side and showed me the other nosril!!!! How's it done????)

This one is a MUST go. And it'll be made more fun if you have a really interactive and spontaneous audience. ;)

I mentioned Space Mountain. This is like, THE roller coaster ride inside Disneyland. This was my favourite ride inside Disneyland (mainly because I'm a real thrill-seeker roller-coaster freak and Disneyland is mainly a family-type theme park). There weren't loops or anything, but you do feel high-speed rushes and that ooohh-shiok G-force. I had to convince Wei Lie to go on the ride with me because he was slightly hesitant... WHAT IS WRONG WITH GUYS THESE DAYS???? My few close guy friends are all afraid of rollercoasters!!!!!!!??? Junhao, and my bf, (both ex-commandos) and Wei Lie~ -.-"

Good news was, after that, he felt the shiok-ness and we went on it 2 more times~ =D (Junhao overcame his fear last year too, so now it's left with the bf. Lol~) I hope he's now a convert, and will go on many more rides with me if there's a next time. ^.^

I tried to film it, but it came out all black so you can only hear the music and sound effects. Oh well, means you have to go try it on your own. ;)

Do try to catch the Disney on Parade which happens daily. It'll showcase floats, dancers, musicians and your favourite Disney characters. The parade starts in Fantasyland and passes in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle and down Main Street USA. Here's what you can expect to see:

 I missed this year's parade, but I got last year's pictures!!!

 Snow White~


 Here's Cinderella looking very Asian. Lol~ ^.^

 And the flowers were so cute OMG!!!

 Mr Potato~ Buzz, Woody, and Jessie~

And the all-time classic favourite Disney characters!!!!

When you're at Disneyland, you MUST stay until nightfall. This is when you will get to see Disney in the Stars - the FIREWORKS!!!!! It's so spectacularly brilliant that I have to say it's one of the most mesmorizing things I've ever seen in my life, complete with music and animation. The best spot? Right in front of The Sleeping Beauty Castle. =) Tip: Be there early if you want to get a good view of the fireworks. First row. It's just not the same when you have hundreds of hands up in the air with their cameras, all trying to take pictures of the fireworks. You'll see a dazzling display of lighted camera display screens together with the fireworks. -.-"

Note: It may be stated that fireworks start at 8pm, but sometimes on weekends and if the crowd is not too heavy, they may, at their discretion, change it to 7pm. Do check with the staff when you're there! =)

The fireworks....

Feels grand? Wait till you watch the video!!!

I remember the magic and wonder I felt when I was watching this. Woo~~~

I was supposed to go have the buffet breakfast provided for us on Day 2, but we overslept and decided to come back to have it on the 3rd day, when we'd no longer be staying at Disneyland. Honestly, we weren't complaining. Because once you head outside of Disneyland, reality suddenly sets in and you don't feel so...magical anymore~ Oh well~~~

Okay okay here's the breakfast place: Enchanted Garden, located in Disneyland Hotel:

 I love Pluto! =D Simply because he's a very blur dog. Like Alton...

Wei Lie wanted Minnie, and was tempted to ask Mickey "Where's you wife? I want your wife." 
Well, Minnie wasn't available, so too bad~~~
(Got me already still want Minnie Mouse. TSK! *offended*)

The iconic Mickey Mouse also not too bad what!!! 


So that sums up Disneyland. We didn't do too much in Hong Kong itself, because we were still trapped in Disneyland time warp after we left. Hong Kong's just so....busy. I'll share with you what we did in Hong Kong itself in Part 4 of my trip k? Cos I don't want to contaminate Disneyland's post. Lol~ Thematic ma~

Come back for more~ ^.^

I Miss Disneyland,

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