Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Meaning of Love

Is it giving unconditionally, no matter what happens, no matter if the other party has lied to you, no matter if you've made a mistake or not, no matter if the other party no longer loves you?

What is love?

I remember when I was a teenager, I think we understood love and dared to love more than we as adults do. Sweet exchanges across the school assemble, the gaze piercing through all other students and landing on the one our hearts flutter for; the effort we go into finding that perfect Valentine's Day gift, complete with a long long love letter; making the extra effort to plan for a date, what to wear; the sweet sweet moment when his hand (finally) first found hers, and they held on as they walked their first walk together as a couple...

Do you remember that kind of love?

Have you ever found it?

More than once I have, and I am thankful for the ones who have held my hand, who have loved me deeply, unconditionally, without lies, without expectations. Just pure, sweet love. We may not have worked out, we may not have made the right choices given our tender age and over-zealous ambitions and wants, but we shared a part of our lives together, unique only to us, and that is something no one can ever take from us.

So what does love mean? Is it just a feeling? Is it knowing you wish to be with him/her for life? Does it happen at first sight? When do you ever know you are really in love, and that it is not simply infatuation? I really relish the uncomplicated love I had just 10 years ago. Things were simpler, more direct, more...intense.

Such a complicated thing love becomes as we age, and I wonder why. I wrote a post about Love sometime ago. You can read it here.

This is a song that I hope I can sing for that special someone who is to become my lover for life, the father of my children...

In this day of love, is there something you wish to say to someone you love, or someone you've lost and still love? Or do you have a love story of your own you wish to share? Write it in the comment box below and share it with me. I promise I'll prepare a box of tissues. Happy, sad, together or not, trust me, love stories make me cry. Despite that, I would really love to hear your story. Go on...

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. =D


  1. the meaning of love is really meaningful n the song. "you're still the one" remind me of someone i truly love i wish i can share bt i dun wish cos i dun wan my love life 2 b a sad day 4 anyone cos 2day is a hapi valentine day so b hapi cos i m hapi cos i m single

  2. The song is great, touching. Saw the 995 series where u acted as Ben's character's girlfriend. Kinda remind me of my previous relationship... Although no "dangerous" actions involved.

  3. Your secret admirer14 February 2012 at 21:43

    I love you Silver!! Happy v day!!

  4. Interesting, my church youth pastor recently just finished a series on WHAT IS LOVE? hear it all here:http://www.coos.org.sg/sermons.php

    Happy belated vday