Friday, 11 November 2011


It is the 11th November, 2011, also written as 11/11/11. 

Have you ever glanced at your watch to see 1:11, or 11:11, and made a wish? I have. And the same went for 4:44 (I only remember seeing these timings, never a 5:55 or 3:33, or hardly).

I forgot who told me I could make a wish when I see these repeat numbers, but I never forgot that I could. And being 11/11/11, I shall be indulgent in my wishes. After all, one should be allowed the right to be indulgent in their wishes. If not it wouldn't be called a wish but a to-do. ^.^

1. Find inner peace and happiness within myself. Which means I don't need anybody to give me that. That it is all non-dependent on other people, that no one can take away from me. A random conversation with K (I wrote about him here) provided me with this insight from his-truly:

"people who want happiness from within are more appreciative and satisfied with what they are and where they are..
people who want happinese through things they desire.. generally, will say i want to be this, that or i wan to achieve something instead of telling you they want happiness in life.."

 Have I told you that how he thinks was what attracted me to him 9 years ago? I still like the way he thinks, and I'm glad he's still him. =)

2. I wish for being able to be more than who I am. Someone bigger (not physically of course). I do still want a fat income so no one in my family, nor myself, will have to worry about money issues. 

3. I wish for a 43kg HEALTHY body. I can wish, can't I? Who knows? It may just happen. 

4. Someone who can love me for me, and respect me, make me a better person, allow me to see things in ways I never thought I could, and whom I will love with all my heart and soul. Someone who will be my best friend, my confidante, my soulmate, my playmate, my everything-I-do-I-will-think-of-him lover, the father of my children. Yes, all in one same guy. I said I can be indulgent in my wishes, right?

5. That everyone in my family will enjoy a happy and healthy life in the many years to come. And that we remain close till the end of time, whenever that may be, no matter what happens.

My top 5 most important wishes for now. For 11/11/11 at 11:11. They will happen. 
I may add more later in the night, but I've got to go for shoot now, and I need the most important wishes to come true. 

What is your wish for 11/11/11? 


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