Friday, 28 October 2011

Halloween Nails @ JNail!

Pretty nails at JNail again!!!! 

I was very very pleased with my last visit here, and for those who had no idea what I did, see the post here.

Prior to going for my appointment, I briefly remembered each visit to any nail salon would see me sitting there for at least half an hour just trying to decide what design I wanted for my nails.
This time, I decided I should do my homework first.

I equipped myself with a few copies of NailMax at home, and came across a few Halloween designs. 

Halloween is coming! Why not do a festive nail?

(Trust me, I seriously contemplated Deepavali nails, but didn't know what kinda design would be Deepavali-ish

I especially liked the little ghost with the the purple witch hat....

Even with a theme in mind, I couldn't really make up my mind what I wanted...simple? Complicated? Super bling? 3D or not?


I sent all those pictures to Jess the night before so she had an idea what I wanted to do. Girls, if you have something in mind, do let Jess know beforehand in case she needs to prepare any special stuff. =)

I decided on this in the end... Sorry the picture wasn't taken too well. It looks very busy, but I've never done anything like it ever before, so yeah, I'm gonna go with this!

But I still like the ghost in the picture above this one....

Jess said she could combine both designs...and asked me to choose my base nail colour. 
Shimmery grey it is. ;)

*excited what Jess is gonna go!*

And she works her magic...



 And she really didn't take very long. Maybe it was because of the fact that she fed me with Hong Kong drama on her iPad while doing my nails (she had me watch Jay Chou n Jolin Tsai the last time I was here). I was so engrossed with the show that I'd be super amazed each time I stop to look at what she has done...

 OMG the little ghost is on my pinkie!!!!!!!!
And there's my name on a pink heart and a little donut on top!

 Jess 你太厉害了啦!!!


To see more of her designs, visit
Like her Facebook page here!

Great nail art, great workmanship, and Jess charges really affordable prices. That's why I am a convert. ;)

JNail is located at:

Blk 175, Jalan Lompang (it's JUST beside Bt Panjang Plaza!), #07-53
SMS Jess at 96908083 to make your appointment! ;)


  1. Silver,

    Fantastic nails.

    How do they last??

  2. CONVERT-ing. So near my place! <3