Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Another Chance, & Lou Hei Refresher

Nah, those of you who have failed to keep at your new year resolutions, this is your chance for a fresh start, especially if you're Chinese. We usually begin the celebrations by rounding up all the uncles, aunties, cousins, nieces and nephews at Ah Gong Ah Ma's place during CNY eve for steamboat dinner. Hands up those who agree with me.

Of course, prior to this day, there is the immaculate spring cleaning to be done, and we had to dig out our closets and clear that clutter on our desks and then reluctantly throw away many things that have been unused and untouched for the past year (or more).

I'm making it a point to clear this mess on my table by tonight. Then money got space to come in. Yeah baby~ Moremoneycomemoremoneycome *chanting*~~~~
I was going through my last year's CNY-related posts and realised I HAVE made a new year's resolution after all!!!! Except that it was for CNY!!! -->

Let's assess my accomplishments with regards to my past year's resolutions... *gan cheong*
  • #1. Lose another 5kg. By end March. This is the first time I'm declaring this so openly. I haven't really been very actively trying to lose weight these past few years. If the weight comes off, it does. This time, I'm actually going to start working on getting Fiona Xie's body ('cept the fact that she's naturally blessed with a beautiful body). Just pray that my boobies don't come off together with the rest of the fats *horrors*.
- Damn. I didn't know how fat or skinny I was, but I don't think this happened. This is the year man. Kns.

  • #2. Pick up Cantonese for real. I've been putting off learning this language for the longest time. Same goes for Bahasa Melayu. And I will be fluent by the year of the Rabbit. ;)  
- Went down the drain as well for the Cantonese part. But then I've picked up bits and pieces of Bahasa Melayu and Tamil, though far from fluent. Lol~ So that makes up for it? I'll work on mastering Bahasa Melayu this year.

  • #3. Buy a bike. This one I'm almost there. So I'm happy. 
- YES YES YES!!!! THIS IS SOMETHING I ACCOMPLISHED!!!! WOOHOO~~~~ I really believe in the saying "When you want or need it badly enough, you will get it." ;)

  • #4. Create a wish list for all the things I really really want. So that people know what to give me for my birthday, Xmas, Vday, or just because~ *hint hint hint hint* 
 - It's on my sidebar. You know what to do.

  • #5. Start doing advertorials. And I promise I will NOT just put advertorials and neglect talking to you guys. I still have so many things to write about.
- Ah~ so I only staretd advertorials last year. And yes, I have been doing pretty well so far. That's 3 resolutions kept!

  • #6.  Keep my room neat. *Grrrr...*
- Kns. Kns. Kns.

  • #7. Vacuum the house twice a week. And this ties in with #6. *persevere* I am sick of going home to a messy room. I feel bad that Alton has to sleep amidst mess (he recently seemed to love the floor more than my bed, probably because my air-con is crap and the floor is much cooler and Mummy won't squash him). 
- I've been doing it once a week or once every 2 weeks. Will keep to the at least once a week thing. And oh, Alton now REFUSES to get off my bed, because I've new air-con installed since. =)

  • #8. Blog more. Okay that sounds vague. At least twice a week. And if I'll be gone for longer than that I WILL let you know. Done deal? 
- Done deal. I have kept my promise.

  • #9. I will continue to remain true to my readers. And myself. Means you will see more of Silver Ang. As she is. And that she is growing. While still keeping that (i think) funny and buay hiao bai side. ;)
- I think I'm less funny now leh. Die...must be getting older. Or getting *gasps in horror* more serious??? Omg~ Cannot cannot...I must start talking nonsense again. Then again hor, I don't want to come across too auntie leh...kkk...try to find a balance. Because Silver Ang is atas and auntie and cute. Whoever said I like being labelled as one prototype ought to be slapped.

  • #10. I will go to my grandparent's place at least once every 2 weeks for dinner. Realized I haven't been going much these past year. They brought me up from when I was a baby. And it's only right that I go visit more often.  
- *looks away in guilt*
Look on the bright side, I'm still on good terms with them. =)


and 阿公~

  • #11. If work and finances permit,  I will bring them overseas for a holiday. =)
- Finances are on the way. Especially by the second half of this year. Yeehaa!!!!!!

WTF??? I only kept 3??? Wah cannot cannot cannot...time to do some serious 反省... Rabbit year and 2011 is my year man. I don't care what fengshui masters say about Ox having a bad year (all of them no consensus one...this one say Ox like sibeh jialat, another say Ox moderate, then got some say Ox this year can be good as long as I do the necessary things....wah now is what?) Heck man...I'm going to take control and make things work. Life won't always be smooth-sailing anyway, so grit and tide over.

Silver Ang!!! 加油!加油!加油!!!!

Since it's CNY, and many of you are going to lou hei, I'm going to help out by teaching you guys what to say when you add in certain ingredients. I actually wrote this last year, so I'm not going to repeat myself (later become auntie). I hope you'll have fun reading it (or re-reading it for my loyal followers since long ago). Here's the link -->

 HUAT AH!!!!!! =D


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